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SBNZ - Great. lyrics

That's great, hm, yeah, that's great, yeah
You say you smoked like two raws and you didn't even face Aye, aye
That's great, Hm, Yeah, that's great
b**h I blow like W. Shaw just to get about my day Aye, aye
Now that's great, ha, yeah, that's great, yeah
sh** I go through withdrawals so I f** off half my pay. Aye, Aye
That's great ha, yeah, that's great, yeah
b**h I move like U-haul til earn a hundred K

Then I think how much to safe, take half and spend that all on bae
That's my b**h, Mary Jay, we takin' trips out to space
I pull up, park in front of your place, hotbox and over do my stay
Used your yard as my ashtray, I keep my car so funking straight
I pull off and part my f**ing way, i'm off to have a Fun Monday
I talk my sh** like ca**ius clay, I back it up can't flush away
My homie say they got the stain, lets see what gender i should take
Now with my food mama I don't play, I eat dinner say my grace
Its green on both sides of the gate, look, but my homies, they awake
f** bologna, f** The Jakes, I'll smoke a pound in front of their face, look
I get around my own way, I don't wanna loaf it, I don't wanna pace
I just wanna smoke it at my own pace, with no motherf**in' lame a** case, look
I need to move out from my peeps, within some months at least
I need to get something o.t. as oppose to an apartment over east
Yeah, they want the d** to cease, by my pops i even got pieced
Can't tame me ima beast, can't drain me like grease
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Yeah I just smoke til' I'm hazy, I smoke on the daily
I smoke but i ain't lazy, I smoke like crazy
Out smoking me you crazy, you smoking out a tracy
My woods, they holding tracys, don't choke I'm not a baby
Just know this sh** don't make me, it ain't sh** its for the sake
See I could just wake and bake or I could just take a break
See I should but then I ain't, 'cause I'm always oven baked
See I'm always like a lake, I rock the boat because I'm wavy
You gota play your cards right, but we all praise the dealer though
You take an ace we could fight, I don't wanna k** off n***as though
Exception if you're white or really tryna take my Benjies though
Inception of the night is really when my city windy though
Everybody's a smoker now, one hit become a joker now
Look, your face is a poker now, on social media, provoker now
You woof on walls like a broker now, or a wolf or dog on a poster, wow
Ima weed smoker and a boaster, pal, to sum it up I'm just doper now, aye

[Hook 2]
That's great
That's cold, I never show up to any sober-tastic date
But they're great, Frosted Flake
To smoke with a n***a that only put on blunts is a mistake
That's great, that's great
I beat you to yo bae, You just beat to sara jay
That's great, That's great
You f**ing all these hoes 'cause you're the biggest f**ing cake

That's great

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