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SBNZ - Atari lyrics

One for the money, two for the show
Three white b**hes with me all off the blow, aye
Four side hoes with me all of them know
Ima dog play boy, aye, none of this for show, look
All the b**hes love me like I'm Cupid with a bow
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And I'm racin with them xans got me movin hella slow, aye
Wake up then I bake up, count the cake up count the cake up
Yo b**h think I'm charming I walk past and then y'all break up
Told that b**h, come take a whiff of the wild side
Gave her a** some coke she gave me throat while we was outside
Aye, play these hoes like they Atari, aye, look
Broke yo heart sorry not sorry, aye

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