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Saruman of Many Kronics - Eleven 55 lyrics

[Saruman of May Kronics]
Strolling down the street, listening to ELO
Sippin' on apple juice, laid back; like a polyhedron I'm solid
I'm a gas, my funds are liquid
I've got a 1+ armor save
And impeccable Horadric knowledge
When I search Google I'm always feeling lucky
Is 4 Broz hep? Does Ernie have a rubber ducky?
We're rolling out ahead like a trundle bed
Running once again like Eugene V. Debs
OMG we're celebs!
We draw crowds with centripetal force
It's a tide that won't ebb
The Menace cleans up your act like a dental hygienist
Gets all the girls dancing like Elaine Benes
Hip Hop Renaissance man, you'd think I hailed from Venice
Anyone for tennis?
I use the commutative property
But I can't commute your sentence

[Mr. Natural]
The Natural's been diagnosing all you clowns on the circuit
Your scene's a weeping dick hubris
And your beats be stank like some scene deep sh**
Yea, I see you, smug-mugging, auto-tuned and washed in synthesizer
I hate your f**ing a** like a Zimmerman sympathizer
I'd love to stick around and rack my dome for who it is your trifling mouth bit
But I'm too busy rendering your girls vocabulary, oh sh**!
I'm a curved cock cuddle monster, keeping it dank and subliminal
Been wandering these 50 states with the old dirty dog as my spirit animal
We smoked the leaves of the bodhi tree, now we're walking the earth
Singing the praises of them women with that bob crumb girth
We bounce from Chi-town to Seattle, we lead a Cali on a whim
I bummed a cigarette off of my mom, now I'm Virginia Slim
So get behind the mule, child, and plow with me, yungin'
The future's looking a little flacid so we best inject that sh** with something, STAT

[J. Rage-a]
A journalist by night, you all know this
But most of my days I fly the tundish
A steel bathtub, say what you will
It's hot and dirty and it pays the bills
This job is metal, no pun intended
Cast it high strength so you can bend it
I've blown a load at the BOF
Ladies have claimed my touch is deft
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My argon panels are full of gas
Inhale too much, you'll be on your a**
My soft start will get your motor turning
For my dick you ladies be yearning
If molten metal makes you sweat
The steam chamber will get you wet
4 Broz By Broz brings the thrills
But Uncle Lakshmi still pays my bills

[Stephen Genes]
Call me the sh** - I'm floating
My flow is owning -the rhyme is cold
Your style's awful - I'm in a waffle cone
You must be pissed I kissed your momma - she gave me calzones
I declined, you see, I'm on a diet of microphones

[Lil 2k10]
4broz is back, yeah we got the whole crew
A new record from the broz has been long overdue
Giving the human race our lyrical wisdom
Spraying in your ears our pent up rap jizz cum
I want to have some words with the non-believers
Tell the haters where we at the last couple of years
When we were busy being awesome you were s**ing the most
When we won the trophy you were burning the toast
You got a weak whip we roll a super bee
Right now your girl is begging s**a Slim for the D
Shout out to Oatmeal making fools like us sound tight
I could fart into the mic and he'll mix it up alright
I'm sick of all the fools out there who think they can rap
Just because you can rhyme the word rap with crap slap
Want a review that compares your lines to mine?
My rhymes: sublime, your rhymes: a crime... JAIL TIME!

I keep my dick in a plastic bag so I can pee where ever I want
All the kids getting sick off the h**n that I sold and they bought
I do and sell and harvest d**, I spend all my time at the clubs
Where all the public rub-a-dubs ride up on my cock
And I need extra big condoms, but like powdered wigs, I don't wear them
And my balls are like two beautiful cherubs
Hold up a constricting boa that cums like Krakatoa
Anyways, I have more cars than anyone else
I have more guns than anyone else
I have more kids than anyone else, and I don't give a damn about them
But I guess that just says something about my personality

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