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Sarkodie - Poolside Jam lyrics

Ball J
The Choirmaster, The C the M
Don't forget to make it a point to come to choir practice
Thank you Ball J (Let's go! Bhim! Wii!)
Nu Afrika
Burn it again Stonebwoy
Take y'all to Nu Afrika
Where's my grammy?

Ok, Yɛntɛm kɔ na kɔ shɛ wo bikini bra
Boys boys agyegye boxers dedaw
Re ba me pool side jam
Ei yeah
Yɛ di kai de chlorine ahrohro nsu num champagne ne wine usu na ɛgro wɔ nsu num
Under my pool side jam
Eih! Pool side jam (pool side jam)
Pool side jam (pool side jam)
You go fi swim how you day like under my pool side jam
Sitiaday!! Pool side jam (pool side jam) [Stonebwoy]
Pool side jam (pool side jam)
You go fi dress how you day like under my pool side jam

[Verse 1: Choirmaster]
Before you fi come this party
You for be fine boy girl that's the ID
You for get six pack like Samini
You for be very powerful like Obinim
You for drive big cars like Mercedes
You for share Nira, Dollar, CFA, Cedis
Get plenty money like Alan Cash
Your private car for be Tata Bus
You for be hoo hoo kakra like KKD
Seniɛ ɛbeya a mbaa no bisa brɔfo akɛsia wo atumi aka bi
(wa tumi aka bi)
You for be shee shee kakra like KOD
Seniɛ ɛbeya a nkrofu hyihyɛ coat akɛsia wo atumi ahyɛ bi
(Wo atumi ahyɛ bi)
Ok, The girls go day wear only brazier (brazier)
The punch we go sell go be crazier (crazier)
Honor my invite gracias
C'mon Ball J I got ya (I got ya)

Pool side jam
Pool side jam
I stay straight baby
Hot girls only (2x)
Pool Side Jam
Pool Side Jam
Hold up baby

[Verse 2: Ball J]
Pool side jam is a pool side dance
Y'all ready know it's a pool side fam
The party don't stop till I pull my van
Wait a minute girl! Cool my drink
Don't compare me to another man in the ocean
Who thought he is a shark this's a pool my friend
Watt! Right
Bring more girls to the table
Money no be problem [Sarkodie]
Bubble bath
Strawberry gla**es
Pa** the news to the Brownberry
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Pa** the sight to the 4syte
Pool side jam
All girls shine like ma hand
Everybody get inside
I turn the water to wine
Ma pocket is fine
Who's that girl
Pull you pants
Too much butty in the pants

Pool side jam
Pool side jam
You go fi swim how you day like under my pool side jam (Y'all already know right now... Ball in the house)
Pool Side Jam (Pool side jam)
Pool Side Jam (Pool side jam)
You go fi dress how you day like under my pool side jam

[Verse 3: Sarkodie]
Ball J, (wii) Yeah, Listen, give me, give me some time
Se nia mmaa no a shweshwe bikini ne body tube, Straight up
Mberma no nso ɛbi mo nsu looki cute big ups
Mmaa no da mu pii wu tumi ne bi yɛ chill up
DJ bɔ ɔmo reggae kakra wu wie a bɔ hiphop
Choirmaster chale girl naa waba no dier I day feel am
Nti ma me vibe wati I go fi go tell am
Make I go yob am say my brother be David Beckham?
So eno bi possible say tonight I go f**k am... huh!
Girl no shape no da border
Da a me nsa bɛ ka no dier ewc sɛ me kɔ pɛ Akobam
Ebi like I know am
Eno school for Olams
Yestee sef I do some track make you soak am
That be what I perform for Gameli thema program
Abi you day kai, ebi Ball J sef record am
You get Jennifer ein number, make you call am
So Kente day, if I see am eigo shock am
Pool side jam [Stonebwoy]
It's a pool side party (Now!)
Aha ɛnyɛ wude a wutumi kɔfa plan B, Yes
Chale the way the girls girls chaw dier
Kofi where you at, make you come come come see, huh!

[Verse 4: Stonebwoy]
Burn it again, pool side party... Stonebwoy!!
Take y'all to Nu Afrka! [Ball J]
It's going down going down (pool side jamming)
A lot of ladies are around (s**y ladies)
None of them ugly nor are clown (pool side jamming)
Which one of them will take my crown burn it on... Bhim!
Water splash like lightning flash
A girl jump inna the pool and the whole place mash
Them look so hot
Inna the bikini them burning so you want touch
Big bumper slim and tiny
None of them spoil no all of them wining
See that one there
See me a timing, my lord!
She a friend of Jeremie
Me hear say she come from Germany
Santana, Nockus, Bolla Ray
Them know say that girl hot for real

Pool side jam
Pool side jam
Pool side jam
Pool side jam

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