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Sarkodie - Onyame eyhira(produced by kaywa) (feat. castro) lyrics

Hm hm
You ready
Kaywa, under fire
What else
You know what time it is
Straight up, obidi pon bidi1
It's been a long time coming but finaly m3 dru
Nti h3 mami ti ti nia mu kika nu
Mu fr3 mi nibukadnaiza
Mu hu miaa kemu hallelujah
Obidi mu tumi fr3 mi the head of medusa
People know me to be one of the best commodities
Ebi mu dgwi s33 mi shioo but i live the opposite
I swear my father canto this be my apology
Wo p3 s33 wo y3 tis3 miaa charlie make you follow me
Cos i believe in one God
Ena h)nu p3 na mi k) ni h) mi hia pa**port
Now raise your hand up
Nyame sum tis3 c**aine y3 kyi woaa you can't stop
People dey talk obidi no go fit mentain
But mi mpo di3 h3 fa mihu mi hu nu tis3 skin pain
Akasa akasa pii but i am still ahead of the game
3y3aa na mu ti mi asiy3 cos i dey masaka the brain
Yes nia muy3 nu may3 bi p3n
B3 bia mu k) holidays h3 h) na midi weekends
H3t) d3bia mu p3 s3 mu testy mi intelligence
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Mu p3 mi weak point ma kyi mu hundred persent
Mi live y3 movie wana for enjoy
Obodi ma br3 mi hia people to employ
Gangstar nan su maa nu hu mi tis33 s** toy
Westside hustler but mi mi looky fresh boy
Wo tumi s3i nuooooo
Wo tumi s3i nuoooo3333
Wo tumi sei nuooo wo hu wo, wo hu wo
Wo tumi s3i noooooo haaaiiiaaaaa
Wo tumi s3i noooooo
Nia nyame 3hyra nu, nia nyame 3hyira nu
3nra na mi swa nu my dream was to be a living legend
Na mi tumi signy autograph each every secend
Na kissy kissy mi fun mwaa as a present
Mi p3 s33 daa kyi mu di mi nyum y3 reference
Ha it was'nt easy coming up
Charlie pressure nu d))su i think av had enough
So many people told me was i was doing was crap
Cos im willing to be big more than 2pak what else
But it was my dream dough
I wanna unleash the dragon like sisquo
And i wanted to get myself some new cloth
Off-course i wanted to see my name in the big shows
It was a big fight but i am a concurer
Cos i always make it happen i am a hustler
Yes yes i am a hustler
Now to my homies on the block now

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