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Sarah Àlainn - To Far Away Times lyrics

Go, sail away from today
When light fades away
Will we meet again ? Hope shining on an aching soul
Though fate must let you go,
A new dawn begins Remembering faraway lands
Time to reflect and understand
A promise clenched in your hand
Carries you to faraway times Come with me, on the horizon lies
A kingdom of the dreams
Together we freed Now, fears relieved for eternity
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The shadows fade away
Our time draws near Can't, stop the tears from falling
Run, now the gates are closing
Time bears a silver lining
(Ohh) Why say we've come now to the end
You and I will meet again
We are one eternally What lies beyond our sky
Visions of another life The memories of light
Calling from a distant night
Feel the music floating through endless skies
off to far away times

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