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Sani - No Price lyrics

Some girls dream of many things
Long white gown
And diamond rings
And that sounds nice
For a price
That sounds nice
For a price
How much is my love gonna cost
You say
Im gonna give it to you
More then every day
And maybe even more then twice
Doesn't that sound nice
There's no price

Cause love is free
Love is anxious
Love is the love of your life
Breaking your heart
And you forgave them
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There's no price
There's no price
No price


Jean: thats why
Jean: i swear tah gawd
I swear tah gawd
Somebody better come get this n***ah
Before i put cream cheese all up in yo mutha f**in lungs
Get tha f** outta here
You better stop walkin up on me
Zigg: im laughin but this sh** ain't funny
Jean: before i end yo sh**
Zigg: i'll smack the sh** out of you
Jean: its not funny its not funny you laughin cause you a f**in clown
Zigg: you know what? i almost choked on this f**in bagel try'na talk to yo dumba**

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