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Sani - Looky Here lyrics

[Intro: Idontknowjeffery]
It's like I wish I could rap about something positive
But fuck it

[Verse 1: Idontknowjeffery]
I whip my dick out in public and pay yo' bitch to suck it
I got so drunk out in Sonic, the doctors pumped my stomach
My niggas mobbin' to the corner store like fucking zombies
I text these out-of-town bitches like "Yo, Jeffery comin'"
She get excited cause she know that I'mma keep her blunted
And ask yo momma to let me whip her Honda... the whole summer
I know them junkies out in San Diego love my music
I'm the reason why these bitches drug-abusing
Hold on

[Hook: Idontknowjeffery] x2
[Lyrics from: https:/]
I gave that bitch a bump
Now she love the coke
I let her hit my blunt
Now all she do is smoke
God damn, sucky-sucky
Goldie looky here
Another Memphis bitch addicted to that crystal clear

[Verse 2: Goldie Rebel]
I told my bitch "Go sell that pussy on the fucking strip
And don't you talk back to me bitch, Aye watch your fucking lip"
I got a white bitch she doin' coke she getting nasty
I heard her family rich, I might just rob her fucking daddy
I got my niggas out in Texas flexin weapons, bitch they reckless
I got my bitches out in Cali tryna suck my dick and stretch it
I got my bitches out in Florida pussy gorgeous, wet as water
I got niggas tryna send me packs from all across the border

[Hook: Idontknowjeffery] x2

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