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Samurai Banana - Proud Em (feat. Lt Headtrip & Googie) lyrics


I already stripped down naked in the road
Toe to toe, holding a pole to smash the window of my home
Jonsin for a poem, only every one i wrote
I destroyed with my toys cause it's nice to feel a float
Back up! today's the day i burn in hell with everyone
I'm bringing packs of venom gum to kill off god and satan's son
This vacant room is everything i need to get by with
Besides some more pride so i can strip the ship sideways
Bye bitch! it was real bad knowing you
Don't need a fucking ocean view to see the needs are throwing you
Off topic, rock bottom, washed up with an awesome few
Thousand internet friends but then, two talk to you
It's time i shave my face
Kill a couple people .... leave no being to be a waste
I gotta a lots bullshit lying in my life
Hoarder of many things but not all bring more answers though
Whether you are or are not tangible
You walk the plank and thank me if you're still hanging on
Achieve internal oneness, toss ever piece of dumbshit
See! my ticket out this bitch is only good for one!
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I don't believe in motivation short of mangers up in flames--Mothers or their babes. i know i'm supposed to feel dismay but That's a cadence i misplaced when i noticed there was nothing To be saved. grave diction. a master or slave conviction's too Serious a sentence for my sentiment to sway so i stave off Longing at all costs. a callous is a weapon or a blemish and i'd rather be enraged

Yo, you hear they sellin' skeletons? sign up 'fore your time up. Buy them for your relatives. find a plan that works for you. Investigate your options. they'll need someone to shit on while You fester in your coffin. you promised that you'd always be down. When you felt yourself elevate you'd already drowned. I'll gladly smack your paddle boat back in the wake you aroused and fire a flaming arrow into your mouth

Play dead, bitch. celebrate civil obedience! Revenge is a dish best served on social media. Lead a life without allegiances 'cause hiding is the easiest when there's no one to keep secrets from, whether you are or are not tangible. Whether your scars are hardened or not manageable. Die, bitch. Ya bark's big but ya bite's itty bitty and you lyin' if you think you ain't an animal


Lo, i'm lost here
Try to see myself behind a stained pane
Still i might growl just to prove i'm dangerous
But i'm an animal thats long been tamed
I can't lie
See we're off that
There's no other way for us to be we have it made
But we dont know how to make it ourselves
Until its put in our face
And told its safe to play

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