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Samurai Banana - I Love You, Don't Die lyrics

I should always be on board
I'm lopsided
Wide eyes than hide em, make myself ignored
I question why I think things
Stink brings the sewer snake
I'd take em out but bleach don't work as good as you would think
And now i'm accustomed
To the what if what if statements
To the fact the fear's the only think i embrace and i relate with
Fiction, is scarier than reality actually
Every single logic I got Concludes irrationally
Battles are calming tide, now a days don't wanna hide
I figured gorganites grow up groping problems in the eyes
Stoned, feeling man handled
Frozen to the bone watching time go as sand spills

Maybe maybe it's a gift to be crazy
I learned to love myself and every doubt that is waiting
I'm troubled so far in this sh** life
I love you, don't die

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Tortured sometimes
Quote on quote badly
Had me at hello with a stammer and then a bad dream
Damn thing always seems realer than my eyeball
Trying drown 'why gods' every dusk till night fall
I know its dumb Dunce, run, come on clown
Always get sunk, kerplunk and never found
Grounded but always spacey, surrounded in what's blatantly
Something i try to bury but i'd rather it just face me
So dig a hole soldier, throw it in with a wishbone
Break in your favor or regift it when you get home
I Feel alone when fraying in the grey spots
Thinking hard in a loop, doomed until my days stop
It's a shame I'm shameful, love me like i love you
Can't believe you can be patient with such a f**ing dumb dude
Hey mike, you can delete your files
Or hold my hand … we could maybe stay a while , cause

Maybe maybe it's a gift to be so crazy
I always doubted myself can't fold to how it plays me
Everyone's troubled so far in this this sh** life
I love you don't die

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