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Samurai Banana - Electronic Thing lyrics

Some kind of task for me to tune out with a drone
Eyes closed, no knows, knews or foes
Only mind rolled down a hill, happy and such
Much obliged to regurgitate some fun
I like you very much, have a donut
I've only been an air conditioners low drone
Or an open window's naivety, it's heavy to see the slow show
I'd like to live to know i won't gut my bowels out
Towels out now i'f like a pristine cleanup
"Jesus, i know its therapeutic but it's scary"
Ok, i'll sidestep the issue so the people stop staring
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I'm timid as a livid man, swapping bodies, with a bishop
Holding his breath, praying, to stop the hiccups
No you don't need more, but i wanna , thought about it for a while
Now, i'm drifting off
Over thinking bout over thinking, check please said my sanity
I can only hope i'll touch base with the person that i plan to be
Wow, stop being sad mo fucka
Let me digress naturally, it's not bad snow trucker
You're not yet a man, now what's a man, fo fummer?
Easy off the crazy pills, who's mad, no, but - uhhhh


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