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Samurai Banana - Duncin' (feat. Big Breakfast) lyrics


It's the hulk hogan of roasting, rap joe rogan soho to hoboken/
Dro smokin, young mean gene oakerland, flex 3 hoes like a bro at the local gym/
Get ur home debo'd and broken in, i'm at the home depot off of coke and gin/
Get ur dunce cap kufi smacked, boobie trapped, no hubcap, hoopty rap/
Goofy cat in the snap back snoopy hat, shoot the gat and laugh while i'm looking back/
I'm too backpack to do hooks on tracks, what u looking at?


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O gee, oh golly wally shawn in the lobby
Hobby has you be quite darn selfish to be jolly
Caddyshack antics, with a real quick improv
Job so dope made me glad i quit dish wash
Did you hear dunce is dead?
William told Tell'ed me the apple had a reason
Talk while i eat it like ''why you defeated''
With an arrow in my mouth showin' trolls need feedin'
Your fuckin face you should see it
Heating up maybe, what?, i'm in season
Diva need a pawn but the pawn mocks you
All fun and games lost play the fool awesome

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