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Samurai Banana - Bandaids lyrics

My bandaid's not sticking, I'm licking the wound, mixing a glue
Two paces from grabbing the knife back and I'll finish the dude
Do list to, problematic, attic, basement, monsoon
Flood, Duncecap stuck on you
Trying to think if spitting makes me a hero
Recall the definition, missing, it's just me though (DUNCE!)
Say it like you love me, I don't love me, used to loath me
Told me many times with rhymes, i'm human and I'm lonely
So pick a scab or tear it off, the awful sound, the
Grimace, at least I meant it in a way that cools my brow
It's how the kiddy pool, sand bar, or shallow end
Ends endings at their entrance and the arrow in
So I don't forget to get a gift for my guests
I'll give you a ticket to the gun show, but it's -

Aimed at my head, aimed at my head
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The bandaid won't work today so I'm going to lay in my bed
Lay in my bed, lay in my bed
I can't fall asleep so i believe in my dread
Believe in my dread

No pain, kiss the wound while it's weeping
Love is that placebo, such a hero for a cheap thing
Teething head, what an apathetic caring friend
Try to callus every end, file down, use the Ped
Feel that shit? I think that's emotion
And if you clog up it's pores it won't feel so important
Open up, I mean, close it up
I know it's worth while, cause I wrote it and I chose the stuff
Clip my nails, let the metal bite em, ash tray
Phoenix food, dumpster diver, ass play
And midst all that i shed some new red
I guess its tickets to the gun show, but it's aimed at my head

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