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Samuel Reed - I am From U School Remix lyrics

I Am From… U School Remix….

A place that is none of your business
A God bearing background, Bible study weekly to keep me informed
Philly where people get shot and people give life as fast as they take life
A place where race is still an issue but so is religion

A place where all people know is gun this and gun that, fighting, arguing, selling drugs on the corner
People dropping out of school, single moms struggling
The city of brotherly love, but love don't live here no more

Rich people and poor people
The hood
Pizza and junk food
Trying to do my best but falling back with the rest
A city I do no regret living in

A place where people use you to get what they want
Where people will do or say anything to fit in
A place where brotherly love is becoming unknown
A place once known as home

A place where noodles are an everyday thing because of money hungry people
The U School where my fellow classmates want to make it in life
The streets of Philadelphia where candle lighting are a regular thing
A place where young girls will do anything to get the attention they're not getting at home.
A place where young people want a good education but there isn't enough money to provide it

A place where my dad tells me to keep my chin up
Philly where tears don't fall
Blacks and whites and other types
A place where people judge you by religion or skin color and being on the corner is wrong even if you're not selling drugs
A place where my family keeps going until they die
The “pay attention” and “stay safe” my grandpa used to tell me. The “don't worry” speeches even though I'm completely worried
Philly a place of wonder
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A loving mother and ghost of a father
A family that cares about me and would kill for me
A big, brave family where strong is not an option
A city of artistic greatness and infinite possibilities
Being 2% Asian and getting teased for it
Gunshots and young men standing on the corner slanging dope
I love you to goodbye

The U School where I get to show and express my feelings in many ways
Murals around every corner
Little kids cherish their past with family members that aren't around
Family portraits where people claim we're a happy family when really we're always arguing

Jump roping until it gets dark outside, playing man hung until its time to go inside
“Stop crying before I give you something to cry about”
The town where there are schools about to get shut down, abandoned and left to rot
A loving home

My African American culture
Listening to the music and dancing to the beat
The heart of the hood in North Philly
Living life once… AKA YOLO
Eating pizza, McDonalds, and KFC

Always having a new baby cousin and never being able to act like a kid
The city of brotherly love where the streets are harsh
Cheese steaks, water ice, mac n cheese, and nice and beans
A family that says I must work hard in school to be successful and be someone in life

Allah, my parents, my siblings
“If your friend jumps off a cliff, will you?”
The struggle
My whole family telling me to get my act together in school
The U where love, dream, do is what we do

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