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Samsa - See You Soon lyrics

Hey Kate,
are we still on for 8'o clock?
the way I talk about this,
you can probably tell that I don't date a lot,
I left the gate unlocked, so you can inch right to the porch,
you'll see my Honda in the drive, I kinda wish it were a Porsche,
I'm real excited though, of course, we'll take a walk around the block
and do the things that people do in i ndie films like play lacrosse,
and set up barbecues and make kabobs, X there's a casino
near my house, and we can play the slots, with you, I think I'd take the odds,
I made a tray of tater tots that we can take with jager shots and watch Invader Zim and
netflix nature docs, in case you're not a fan, I got you covered, we can play Catan,
and stake a bon-fire until the break of dawn while making tracing paper swans,
it's stupid but I've clicked your OkCupid profile twénty times
rereading texts you sent, it's funny how we met online, and I confess,
I still refresh your instagram to see you in that dress,
the color blue was blessed to even coalesce with your caress,
I love the ink you had done, my favorites, for example
are the anchor on your neck and “carpe diem” on your ankle
I'm so thankful that we're meeting,
it's a shame it's only noon,
eight more hours and we'll be together Kate,
I'll see you soon

let's talk it over
let's talk it over one more time
let's talk it over
let's talk it over one more time

Hey Kate,
I didn't get a call back.
It's almost three now, I just want to make sure things are on track…
I put a lot effort in this,
carpeted my whole apartment,
bought a cardigan from the bargain bin at my local target,
made an olive garden reservation, fuck, I'm sorry
I'm just worried ‘bout you's all, It almost feels like you forgot me,
that's what always happens, I'm the one key that doesn't fit the keyslots,
the fucking vulture in a flock of peacocks, a pair of crocs in a foot locker full of reeboks,
I saw you typing something, don't fuck with me, Kate I swear I saw those three dots,
I know that you don't tweet lots, that's why I don't DM you,
it ticks me off that you delete me when I Facebook friend you,
and every date I've went to, I get sodas off the menu
then I drink em' both cause no one ever shows up to the venue,
stop ignoring what I send you, can I just have an update,
the last we talked was in the morn when you said “Happy birthday”
wait a second… I see what you're doing, Kate, you almost got me,
you're pretending you forgot so 8:00 you'll come and shock me
with a chocolate cake while all my friends jump out and shout “surprise”
and I would clutch a knife and we would smile and cut a slice
and I'm so happy that I met you, I really feel like you get me,
I respect you, if you let me, I'd tell you directly, it's unhealthy
how I think about you, let's get married someday,
I really wouldn't care about what both my parents would say, and me and you should have our honeymoon in Paris in May or on the Chesapeake Bay- jesus, I'm really sorry, it's embarrassing Kate, with you it's just so fucking easy to get carried away, but anyway, I think that we should celebrate this at the Olive Garden,
I just got a card and some red balloons at the dollar market, call me when you find some parking,
I'll just start the order and get ourselves wine and appetizers,
you don't need to bring a gift but if you do, I love surprises
I'll see you soon

hey kate
I'm at the olive garden
all I've had for breakfast's
a bag of chex mix, I'm starving,
I even got us bread sticks
I've been here for an hour and a half,
it's ten o'six now,
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the candle wicks were getting wax on the suit that I picked out,
the one balloon I tied around your chair is out of air,
I brought a pack of Uno cards and I've been playing solitaire,
and are you almost here? I'm feel like I'm having heart attacks,
conversations with you feel like ancient artifacts, I can hear the
waitress laughing at me sitting lonely in my party hat,
I just liked your instagram, I wish that you would heart me back,
you're not coming, are you? much to my chagrin,
everything I ever want gets whisked away with gusts of wind,
I always knew you'd never come, sometimes it's nice to just pretend
it must have been disgusting to you, all the texts I tried to send,
I don't recall a single night where I'm not lonely at the end
this cold lasagna at this table is my only fucking friend,
I'm fucking done, don't you ever speak to me again,
don't you ever kik, DM, PM or tweet to me again,
don't you ever think about how we be would be if were one?
Kate, I love you and I mean it, you would see if you would come
I'd rip out every atrium I have and beat them to your drum,
and if tonight is inconvenient, I'll meet with you for lunch,
or maybe supper, breakfast, dinner, heck, I'll treat you to a brunch,
I know you try to stay in shape but we could cheat with a dessert,
or maybe sushi, pizza, burgers, I could beat you to the punch
and maybe meet you after work, It's been a week less than a month
that I have known you but I know now where you go to school and church
It's unbelievable what you can find with just a google search
In fact, a week ago I took my Honda Civic through the ‘burbs
and saw your ass unloading groceries and parked next to the curb
the seventh trip you made your plastic bag had ripped onto the dirt,
your tangerines were rolling off the pavement out into the curve
that I was on and I got nervous you would think I was some perv,
so I curled down and hid behind the wheel and hoped that you would swerve,
but accidentally hit the horn and put the whip into reverse,
and every car alarm went off and there's no question that you heard,
so, look, I'm sorry Kate, if you think I'm a perv or I'm a creep,
but do you even know how hard it was reserving you a seat
there's like a thousand people here for some event I would suppose,
and every wall is decorated with confetti and with bows,
in fact, out in the parking lot, I think I overheard some folks
this dude was talking to his friends ‘bout how tonight he might propose
and I remember now, he parked his yellow mustang next to mine
I held the door for him, he smiled at me and made his way inside
and now he's sitting in a section I can see from my direction,
based on his expression, I can tell he didn't pop the question,
and now his date is here but it sucks that I can't see her better
but I can tell just by their hands that they're so happy together
the way their fingers entwine, I bet they'll be happy forever
I see his hand clutching the ring under the napkin he gets her
and now he's whispering her stories about back when he met her
one about how they would never check the app for the weather
and leave the house without bringing a coat, a cap or umbrella
and had their first kiss in the rain and she was laughing whenever
the thunderclaps would scare the dude and he would crack from the pressure,
and th at's a funny story, Kate, I bet we'd have an adventure
it's not too late to meet me, I'm sitting smack dab in the center
you gotta see this shit though, I'll send you a snap or whatever
but first I gotta get up close so I can capture it better
and get in front of them like sentences and capital letters
It's sending now, I swear, you gotta see these lovers, its precious
he's wearing yellow and her dress is the s ame color your dress is
they remind me of me and you, it's sort of like I'm seeing two,
she's even got the same tattoo of carpe diem that you do,
and now they're kissing, and I'm wishing someday I could be the groom,
I think I'm tearing up, I'm sorry Kate, I've got to be excused
it's almost midnight and the management is clearing out the room,
but I'm not leaving, they'll have to sweep me, my red balloon,
my uno cards and party hat off of the table with their brooms,
i'll sit here ‘till the break of dawn waitin' 'til I can't see the moon
what good's a tulip if you plant it and not wait to see it bloom,
you're prolly running just a little late, it's no problem Kate, I'll see you soon

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