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Samsa - Peach Fizz lyrics

Rap like I'm on the dean's list honor roll,
When I spin schemes like a seamstress, on a roll,
Seedless, on a roll, y'all plead fifths like you speechless,
my speech sick like I got a cold, double rainbow flow,
Got a pot of gold, yo, I'm a level 99, y'all do not evolve,
Pokemon flows, I done found em', I caught em' all,
Y'all can't spit like your mouth's full of cotton balls
The rap game, you are not involved,
every sorta thing I'm good at is a problem you gotta solve,

enthusiasm you should curb it, talk less
I be breathing fire like a serpent, loch ness
evangelic like a church is, god bless
y'all ain't even gotta hear the sermon, just nod yes
or applaud, yes, jean-claude van damme
when I kick a verse up on soundcloud, bandcamp,
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when I kick a verse like it's Tae Kwon Do with
the mic on low, you're a micron, I'm an icon
whether iPod or a Nikon,
"oh my god, yo, there ain't nobody like Khan"
"that's all I hear when I'm outside"
when I kick it high gear with the sound bytes

Khan goin' mad like I'm King Lear
really though, goin' mad, I don't think clear,
nowadays, I spend all my time on the couch
watching old episodes of The View while I drink beer

I used to go to bars
but I'd just make it weird
walk into the club with a cape and a fake beard
and maybe buy an appletini with the peach fizz
panic on the dance floor, stand there speechless

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