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Samsa - Lol my first rap ever, ignore this lyrics

Yo, straight out the dungeons of suburban streets,
I stay so deeply underground that no one's heard of me
I murder the competition just through my emergence
someone call a goddamn ambulance, cause this is an emergency
A regular night for you you're piteous with girls cause you're hideous, inert, and just an idiot with words. Like is the ‘Iliad' an idiom, a pronoun or a verb? Just shut the f** up, you're making me seriously berserk.
I'm lyrically absurd, I've got a myriad of work, these redacted think I'm a bad a**, miscreant alert. I've got trillions of girls in their skimpy little skirts on my sofa at 4 in the morning watching Phineas and Ferb.
So I'm out at Starbucks, and I'm feeling like a mocha cap
Now this blonde girl's feeling me, so she approaches and
I turned her down, cause I already had my quota met
she turns around all bummed out and that's when I notice that
the girl is wearing yoga pants, like, damn, she's wearing yoga pants,
changed my mind, cause, yoga pants, I f**ing love me yoga pants
took her home and instantly she showed her breasts and moaned for s**
so I turned her over and then f**ed her on the sofa bed
Look, When I say I have a lot of s**, I, well- I'm lying
Cause when I f** while standing up, my legs get tired
My ex doesn't call back, she doesn't text me either
cause when she asked me about her cunt I told her her best friend's was tighter
I'm notorious for inappropriately launching boners
I dated this heartless chick, I'm glad I got to know her
She took so much from me now that's all I get off to
so I invite corpses over so I can be their organ donors
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I creep the corpses out of the morgue and free them
I keep the corpus in a bucket. list, I'm morgan freeman
I f** the corpulent ones first, and more than frequent
My corporal narcolepsy tends to leave my mornings freakish
I used to watch a lot of p**n so I lack dopamine
So s**ually I'm darker than usual, like black ovaltine
I'm the kind of guy you'd never quite catch smoking weed,
but jacking off to horny horses f**ing fata** roped up teens
And I'm not joking, please, my s**ual potency
is directly proportional to how gross my kind of p**n can be
Spent my childhood on redtube dot com and set a precedent
I would only be turned on by hot moms, so call me oedipus
You say b**h and slut so much, you start every line with em'
b**h, it's not my fault that so many things tend to rhyme with em'
Critics say my lyrics are too s**ually prompted, listen
I talk about whatever, why the f** do you have a problem with ‘em?
I don't give a sh** whatever you're f**ing calling it
‘it's joke rap, nerdcore, hipster sh**, it's f**ing all of it'
You're false with it. you try to vaguely generalize but you're totally f**ing wrong with it.'
Your mistakes makes you seem like you're nervous and tense
I'm cleverly on a beat like I'm worth double the best
Inhale deep, like the words of my breath
I never sleep, cause slee-

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