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Samsa - Komodo lyrics

I still don't know why you left
Maybe you wished I was nicer
Maybe you wished I was nice less
What if I had better biceps

I always felt like some experiment
Some thing that you could dissect
A frog splayed on a table
You the scientist with a pipette

A surgeon with a sharpie
Sketching scribbles where I'm ugly
Slice me with your scalpel
Palpate organs as you f** me

And we could leave the lights on
Big fluorescent tube-lamps
Put your pupil to the eyepiece
Watch me dance behind the screw clamps

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I know I'm not enough
You wanted someone that could be more
You hooked my flesh on metal
While I scuttled through the sea floor

And heaved me out on dry land
And we were never ourselves
You wedged your nails into me
And you cracked apart my hard shell

And plucked each pair of pincers
Off like petals on a primrose
And s**ed the marrow out of slits
You scissored in my skin folds

I am a Komodo dragon
Basking in the winter sun
I amble through the island
To the tick-tock of my flickering tongue
And think about your last words

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