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Samsa - Haunt me lyrics

[Verse 1]
Look, I won't pretend I understand it babe, the afterlife and all
but as you died you promised me that you would try to write or call
and I've been waiting ever since, every sunday I hold seances with like-minded adults
and roll your corpse into the living room and try and find your pulse and then repine at the results, I've even got my windowsills lined up with ultraviolet bulbs, shrunken shrines of human -skulls and other signs of the occult but now I'm at a f**ing loss, cause honey, nothing seems to work…
like I've been astrally projecting my body beyond my dreams
through the fabric of space and time so you could me spot me at the seams
I ventured through the upside-down hoping you caught me in between
but maybe if you've got the tech, then you could haunt me on my screens
like you should infiltrate my news feed
I swear no one would notice
you could float beside some bogus buzzfeed quiz about the POTUS
be a pixelated phantom ghost
on clickbait propaganda posts
and dictate what you're thinking through a catchy headline
like “one weird reason why it's great to be ethereal”
or “twenty signs you're dead now and your soul is immaterial”
or if it's late at night then you could swoop in from the shadow realm
and talk to me through pop-up ads that show up over adult films
on anything you're into, we could start with milf, or facial,
you could beam your interspatial spirit into interracial
if you're feeling sorta formal, we could pizza date on Skype
and I could call the coroner over n' we could share the corner slice
and when it's time to go to bed, then we could leave our cameras on
and if the netherworld has one-day shipping free on Amazon
then you could slumber as you ship yourself, I swear this sh** delivers quick
or send me the address and I could meet you by the river styx
I'd twitter beef with Namtar by the Tigris and Euphrates
I could snap you while I'm snagging sacred threads of life from Hades
I would loot Duat and photocopy-pirate the papyus,
change the records and then have a Facebook flamewar with Osiris
and either way, I can't wait to talk or reunite,
I've been so lonely since you died, I've tried to walk towards the light
and if the Gods of d**h oppose our harmless want to reconvene
then maybe we could sneak you by ‘em if you haunt me through a screen

It's been far too long that you and I have been alone
you could rectify that if you haunt me through my phone
no, I don't want to deal with voodoo dolls and figurines
I could do without them if you'd haunt me through my screen

[Verse 2]
I'm just frustrated I guess, I've hung out in countless graveyards, drawn pentagrams
and slaughtered goats and even took a course on hunting ghosts from Pentecostal folks but never once have gotten close, last month I sat with local psychics and their crystal j**els,
and tried to find my old T-mobile sidekick phone from middle school just so maybe if you're bored of fortune-telling tarot cards and magic words then you could tweet a hundred-forty characters so I could throw away my voodoo dolls and stop chanting my juju mantras
that my guru taught us and if you slide into some youtube comments and you could scroll the comment page or you could leave it blank, and if your spectre is perceptible we'd tell em it's a prank, and if you still don't send responses, I'd a**ume the problems technical
and I would call Verizon just so someone could inspect it all
I'd tell him I just want a close encounter of the spectral kind
He'd ask if I turned on our modem router for a second time
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and plugged it in correctly to the voltage-power socket line
and tried to tear a portal hole through to your paranormal soul
so me and you could catch up on a toll-free spirit-mortal call
or we could see a witch doctor, she'd prolly be skeptical
clinician with a stethoscope, the specimen non-skeletal
the symptoms metaphysical, the convalescent soulless
at first her diagnosis could be we should try hypnosis
but truthfully, if you can choose that way you're reborn
I hope you use the 3G phone and you eschew the ouiji board
At this point, I don't really know why I learned ESP for
when you could just descend and settle in my USB port
or my NVIDIA GeForce or my video AV cord
there's no need for Santa Muerte
when I've got a QWERTY keyboard
we could play a game of e-sports, you and I'd be on a team
if you're feeling otiose, I'll put my audio on stream,
I still have your favorite games babe, I've got em' all on steam
we'll get started when you're ready,
once you haunt me through a screen

It's been far too long that you and I have been alone
you could rectify that if you haunt me through my phone
no, I don't want to deal with voodoo dolls and figurines
I could do without them if you'd haunt me through my screen

Or I could buy an oculus and buy a shotty prototype
So I could load up floppy disks to copy with your poltergeist
And maybe prop your body up until you're standing shoulder-height
And overwrite your cold respite 'til I could bring your soul to life
And I would call an exorcist and ask her extra nice
To extradite your spirit
Just so I could see my ex tonight
And if all that fails I'll try to reconcieve
A [?] for my grief
I got ideas up my sleeve
Like I could pick up where The Lord left off
And try to do the rest myself
Cast a spell excelsior and venture through the depths of hell
[?] the reaper scythe from satan
Night fight with the demons
Or level with the devel
Since my wife died I've been grieving
I'd love if we could sit down on the [?] make agreements
Let's be real I'm out of options and my psyche has been reeling
From the psychics I've been seeing
And the sci-fi books I'm reading
We don't even need to text I'd take a high five as a greeting
What's the issue does Jehovah not have Wi-Fi up in Eden

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