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Samsa - Driftwood lyrics

You said we were lost
Floating slabs of driftwood floating in the ocean
When we found eachother washed up by the shore

You said you'd be honest
You said we could run toward the hills
And build a cottage near the sea
You said - you promised
But where'd you go?
Where'd you go-ooh?
Where'd you go?

I'm drowning in your river
Treading water, going nowhere
I can't help that I don't understand your choice
I see you through the surface

Watch my final exalations blister
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As I sink like concrete to the depths
I hear your voice echo
You say that you'll join me as I take my final breath

But I don't see you
I don't see you-oh
I don't see

I've fallen to your vortex
Goes from turquoise into sapphire
Into maybe into the most stunning black

It's clear to me the forecast
You've meandered once again
And left me stranded in this wasteland to myself

But where'd you go?
Where'd you go-oh?
Where'd you go?

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