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Samsa - Butterflies lyrics

I think in I'm in love
But I've been feeling otherwise
These flutters in my stomach aren't butterflies but cutting knives
And not the butter kind, and if you listen close when she begins to speak, you'll hear a couple hundred sighs and the collective shut of eyes
Letters linger on her lips like lullabies
I think I've drowned a couple times inside her opal-colored eyes
She could do something as simple as sit down with the grace of Olympic dives
A perfect 10 photo shutter finish on her cocoa butter thighs
Catch her wearing loose pajamas on a Sunday and she'd overshadow any supermodel on a runway
When she wakes up in the morning up she smells like vanilla essence and the bittersweet recollections of your adolescence
Summer camp and piano lessons and presents you got on birthdays
Orange creamsicles and double plays on first base
And walk past her in the halls and if your shoulders feel the slightest brush then you might melt to liquid gold, the lightest kind of Midas Touch
I've seen the way she drinks espresso during cla**es and reshapes a paper cup into an emerald-covered chalice
Sugar packets pouring crystals, napkin origami cranes, gunning gorgeous glances to me through her Giorgio Armani frames
She's nearly perfect in...almost...every...way


but she's got sh** taste in movies
ask her for her favorite titles and she always likes to say she's down to go see anything by shyamalan or michael bay, and also
she's a psycho in the kitchen,
it's a travesty, what kind of f**ing monster cooks their pasta in the microwave?
and she does this thing where she corrects your grammar if it's wrong and clicks her tongue and winks and shoots a playful finger gun as if she's won some sorta contest, empress victor-of-a-conquest, mrs. armchair shrink, let me fix you with a comment, princess kick you when you're down, worshipper to a godhead, it seldom happens that she listens to my voice and doesn't chime in quick with unsolicited advice, an unapologetic tyrant of pa**ive aggressive rivalry, ask her a question and catch and handful of sa** and irony, and trust me, she is just the worst at board games, debates about the rules like legislators at a court case, tampers with the scales of justice, wielding pencils as her gavel, once I even caught her cheating while she kept the score in scrabble, she's a f**ing wreck at checkers, plays monopoly sloppily, always bringing up disputes in games of trivial pursuit, s**s at battleship and risk, she fights better hand-to-hand,
and don't even get me started ‘bout how trash she is at candy land
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(Like you can't, like you can't be bad at that that game yet you've, you lose all the time. It doesn't make any sense.)

but I'm no adonis either,
fashion sense abysmal, I've got two nirvana t-shirts
that I wear to formal outings and I've never owned a cardigan,
catch me buyin' cargo pants at target from the bargain bin
drink milk straight out the carton, use my hands to scoop out margarine
breakfast table etiquette makes up our morning arguments
and I'm not a gla** half full kinda guy,
shipwrecked, flags half-mast hull kinda guy
I never was an optimist, not too good at compromise,
the problem is my ego's far too fragile to apologize
but she always calls me out and takes me down a couple pegs too
it's always nice to have somebody close who double-checks you
and honestly, we wouldn't be ourselves if we were different
yeah, she's clumsy and I'm stupid, those are things that we can live with
being perfect's unrealistic, either way I like our flaws
the way I crack my knuckles often, the obnoxious way she yawns
the way I stutter when I flirt cause I'm not very good with courtship
the way she's gotta pee the first ten minutes of a road trip
how when she cuts her pancakes it's in slices, not in squares
the way my daily coffee intake is a crisis, I'm aware
the way I talk in crowded theatre and the way she parks in parallel
the way she goes through pints of ben and jerrys salted caramel
the way...

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