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Samsa - Bonfire lyrics

Keep the fire warm for me
I'm at the heart of the story
I ought to stay till the morning
But I got things to record and
When I'm here I'm just holding on
To things that are broken
I used to think I was chosen
I know I know when to fold and
I ought to really get going
Before my feelings start showing
Cause It ain't real till it's spoken
So I'll keep my mouth shut

If I fall will you carry all my accomplishments
Cause I been wearing them way too long to complement
I need to know we've got more than just an apartment, sh**
I'm trying to step out the box but it's all compartmented
If you don't need me just tell me, out on some honest sh**
If I was looking for simple I'd pick an Amish chick
And If I tell you I love you would you break all suspense
Cause I got more than just something that you could fall against
And everybody been running from they past
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I been trynna go the other way but ain't moving fast
You sent a message to my phone but I never hit back
Cause all the feelings that you bring to me won't stay in the gla**
So I been running, running, running, hiding from something
No I'm not coming, coming, coming, don't call me for nothing
I'm at the fire, fire, fire, if you want discussion
I'm getting higher, higher, higher, no time be rushing it

If I see you at the bonfire
I'll be sure that I don't say your name
If I meet you at the bonfire
When you walk away I won't complain
If we talking at the bonfire
I'll be praying you don't feel my pain
If you leave me at the bonfire
I'll regret it that I never explained

If you'll hold me at the bonfire, I could meet you babe i'm halfway there
If you'd meet me at the bonfire, we'd run away we wouldn't have to care
If you'd just let me burn, if you'd just let us blaze, if you'd just let me baby
Me and you could go up in flames, at the bonfire, at the bonfire, at the bonfire
Babe i'm halfway there, at the bonfire, at the bonfire, at the bonfire
We'd run away, we wouldn't have to care

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