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Sammy Ob - Dangle, Snipe, and Celly lyrics

[Hook:Sammy Ob]

Dangle, Snipe, and Celly
Dangle, Snipe, and Celly
Dangle, Snipe, and Celly, man I'm gonna make a milli
Dangle, Snipe, and Celly
Dangle, Snipe, and Celly
Dangle, Snipe, and Celly, man I'm gonna make a milli

[Verse 1: Sammy Ob]

Got my backhand toe drags
Man my dangles, they be perfect
Slick on the ice, boy I'm ice game surfing
I'll clown your a**
This is like a circus
3 on 3 in summer league
Your efforts they be worthless
I dangle, snipe, and celly
I dangle, snipe, and celly
Got my flow iced out
And my dangles they be chilly
You can catch me on my telly
I got dangles on my speed dial
I don't need to think about it
Baby it's a freestyle
Call it just dangles
Then I'm hitting top cheese
Got these benders breaking ankles
Sniping tenders when I please
D-Town stunners
Yeah we goin for the white out
Kids just in the shells
Yeah my dangles they be iced out
You know I got the haters in my ears like a bluetooth
Throw it up again
Pop it off like a moonroof
Acting like a rookie
Put my key in the ignition
I'll serve you up some dangles
Welcome to my kitchen
Just dangle, snipe, and celly
Yeah you know that's my ambition
You want tickets to my danglefest
You will have to pay admission
Yeah this a remix
I'm a lyrical magician
Cause it's dangle, snipe, and celly
It's the limited edition


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[Verse 2: Kid Pudi]

The danglefest is all sold out, you gonna have to wait outside
Dubmann, kauffmans waiting for me yeah we got rock pride
Once the puck is dropped my danglefest it will begin
I dangle, snipe, and celly
Yeah kid pudi for the win
This one is for you coach puddy
And you too coach adam mickey
Throwing the pucks in the net
And it's getting sniped from my stick
Backhand toedrag through the legs
You know I dangle super hard
If you wanna learn my ways
Then come get a subscription card
Skip a secret from me
I can tell you it is pricey
In the end its worth it cause my dangles are so icey
We defenders nightmares
Wish they knew what they could do
They cry themselves to sleep
Because that fact right there was true
Dangle, snipe, and celly
Dangle, snipe, and celly
Dangles hot out of the oven
Make them fresh like a deli
All I do is dangle
Man I really love that feeling
If youre looking for your jockstrap
You can find it in the ceiling
No angle, no dangle
I just settle for a snipe
I pick myself a corner
Then I ding it off the pipe
After a quick dangle
And a dirty snipe and celly
You know I wrote a superman up on my belly
The celly is the best part
Man I do that sh** for fun
Throw my glove up in the air
And turn my stick into a gun
If you think that you can stop me
Then lets make a little bet
Before you can respond
This puck will be inside the net
My dangles are so dangerous
Try not to break your ankles
To accomplish that is tough
Because my motto is just dangles
You've always got to make sure the whole thing itself is pretty
Now dangle, snipe, and celly and you'll know that you are sh**ty

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