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Sam Smith - I'm Not the Only One (Remix) lyrics

Feat :

[Verse 1: A$AP Rocky]
A new disease in my town called Idiotic
Every pretty lady in my city got it, point blank
Periodically empty seats, dine at Cipriani's
Like Beyoncé, they're getting by or they get embodied
So Sasha Fierce, a whole lot of tears
Rolling down her cheeks, crying till she's sound asleep
Preach, pray that today is not a lonely one
You gotta know you not the only one

[Verse 2: Sam Smith]
You and me, we made a vow
For better or for worse
I can't believe you let me down
But the proof is in the way it hurts
For months on end I've had my doubts
Denying every tear
I wish this would be over now
But I know that I still need you here

[Chorus: Sam Smith]
You say I'm crazy
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Cause you don't think I know what you've done
But when you call me baby
I know I'm not the only one

[Verse 3: Sam Smith]
You've been so unavailable
Now sadly I know why
Your heart is unobtainable
Even though Lord knows you kept mine

[Chorus: Sam Smith]

[Verse 4/Bridge: A$AP Rocky]
We all guilty of the same crime
If you ask me, I might've had a couple women at the same time
But you handle the pressure, Jack Daniels for breakfast
A cap of valium mixed with antidepressants, precious
My momma said that we need love
Till I found out life's a b**h with no prenup, you're on your own
Divorces or court splits, decisions and choices
The Porsche or the fortress? Ignore it or forefeit

[Chorus: Sam Smith]

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