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Salty Onion - Bobby the Apeman lyrics

He was born with hair on his back
He's an apeman, so cut him some slack.
I've never seen a primate like this,
‘Cause on his back is a removable cyst

Chorus: Bobby the Apeman
I want to be your banana-man
Bobby the Apeman
Let me rub your banana, man

Bobby, he sure loves fruit.
It's his currency, his form of loot.
He looks so cute, hanging from the trees.
You got all them lady-apes down on their knees

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Bobby the Apeman, comin' down the highway
Bobby the Apeman, are you going my way?
Bobby the Apeman, can you come out and play?
Bobby the Apeman, the jungle is where you stay

I don't understand…
Bobby the Ape-man
Come on take my hand
Bobby the Apeman
Here we go again
Bobby the Apeman
You think it's a sin?!
Bobby the Apeman


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