All Salamandra Songs

Songs In album
Aeons Gone Away Great Moravian Elegies
Ancient Echoes Imperatus
Atlantis Faces of Chimera
Ave Imperator Imperatus
Behind The Gate Imperatus
Brave Mens Chant Great Moravian Elegies
Calm Down The Fury Great Moravian Elegies
Chimera Faces of Chimera
Coming Back Home Imperatus
Conquest of Paradise Faces of Chimera
Crusader Time to Change
Dark Matter Time to Change
Defence Imperatus
Devil's Apprentice Imperatus
Dreams of the Fair Faces of Chimera
Eternal Injustice Faces of Chimera
Eternal Moon Time to Change
Everlasting Fame Great Moravian Elegies
Factor Zero Time to Change
Fading Desires Faces of Chimera
Finnito -
Fire And Ice Imperatus
Fool's Story Imperatus
Forefathers Realm -
Heart Full of Snow Faces of Chimera
Homage To The Great Great Moravian Elegies
Imperatus Imperatus
Leaving Me Time to Change
Legacy of the Heroes Faces of Chimera
Lost Life Time to Change
Masters of Rock Time to Change
Metal Fever Imperatus
Misty Riders Twilight of Legends
My Worst Enemy Imperatus
Never Give Up Great Moravian Elegies
Nothing But Dust Great Moravian Elegies
Obstinávi Animó Twilight of Legends
Orion Faces of Chimera
Out Of The Ashes Great Moravian Elegies
Requiem Faces of Chimera
Rise -
Royal Hearing Twilight of Legends
Silent Memory Twilight of Legends
The Army - Dead End Battles Skarremar
The Beginning * Skarremar
The Blackest Wings Great Moravian Elegies
The Coming - Mindnight Creatures * Skarremar
The Coward - Hail the King Skarremar
The End - Freedom's Won Back Skarremar
The King - Skarremar's Pride Skarremar
The Last Of All Faces of Chimera
The Legend - Reign of the Wicked Skarremar
The Lover - A Kiss Goodbye Skarremar
The Mourning Twilight of Legends
The Piano Time * Time to Change
The Revenge - Legends Come True Skarremar
The Silence - Comes Before a Storm * Skarremar
The Singer - Remember the Legend Skarremar
The Sphinx Imperatus
The Tears of the Ocean * Faces of Chimera
The Time - Go Back Through Ages Skarremar
The Toady - All Hope Abandon Skarremar
The Traitor - Roads to Hell Skarremar
Time to Change Time to Change
Traveller From Nowhere Imperatus
Twilight Of Legends Twilight of Legends
Unchained Land Great Moravian Elegies
Underworld Tale Time to Change
Up For The Past And Future Great Moravian Elegies
Victorious Imperatus
War Is Over Twilight of Legends
War of Evils Faces of Chimera
Warriors Twilight of Legends
With Gods On Their Side Twilight of Legends