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Saint Psychedelic - Running lyrics

[Verse 1]
I keep on running man from left to right
I ain't creeping I'm just tryna find somebody right tonight
And I just met a girl who told me she goin f** me right tonight
I'm like her kryptonite
I'll be her crip tonight
No better yet I'll be her pimp though
No better yet better stick a pimp bone
No better yet better get a bimbo
She in limbo with a Zimbo
Got a Zimbo and a bimbo
Both in limbo she want a ring though
But we ain't play no games unless you've got the will to win though

[Verse 2]
You think we're outchea playing games?
This n***a's drive so big he can't afford to be switching lanes
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It's hard to make any sense when you don't f** with pocket change
This year I went to church this girl asked me when did I change
About the same time I went nebula
If her p**y is a bar then I guess I am regular
Told these girls I wouldn't cuff
But they don't want commitment all they ask is if I'll muff

[Verse 3]
I'm screaming dlana wena mfan'omncane
She wanna f** with me but udlala lal'omfan'omncane
Plus, imali ihlali incane
Wait, bathi fak'encane
She say, fak'imali ubone uzokugaya nom'encane
Yah, I'm not the type to f** around with
I bet your broad will f** around with, me
But I said I wouldn't cuff
But she don't want commitment all she asks is if I'll muff

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