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Sage Williams - DDR lyrics

[Verse 1 - Sage]
Badass, crack tracks
Leaking from the half staff
Crescendo on dim hoes and
Wack niggas get laughed at
Sugar sixteens, these
Niggas is diabetic
I run your lyrics through Google
And find 'em posted on Reddit
C'mon sage, give the nigga half credit
Like he did half an assignment
Really hard to find shit
All up in my closet like Robert with a Beretta
We slanging chedda for
Fellas who darin to say they better
It's the motherfucking first, 19th and 6th letters
Triangles and money signs
Amongst what we collect up
Along with dead rappers
Did I say rappers? I meant actors
Acting like they could get half the max respect we get for trappin
In the motherfucking tracks
Nigga we also make that
Get the fuck out, Sage smoke mild more than black
And we smacking all these faggots
I'm accurately badass cause I'm a
Cannabis enthusiast, producer
And I rap, nigga

[Verse 2 - Dalvin Tha Real]
I been on my shit since middle school
This nine'll leave your nine lives uncontinual
I said "Fuck school and every individual"
And if you got a problem I'll leave your ass in critical (condition)
I'm just an OG, blowing on medicinal
Tryna find time to fit these hoes in my schedule
Bad bitch, and her love is unconditional
I swear to God, that's the type of chick I'm looking for
Shoutout my nigga Sage man
The smoke we blowing leave a nigga in a daze man
Niggas mad cause ASF getting paid man
And now all you niggas' bitches is getting laid man
I'm that nigga out the gutta-gutta
Never hesitate to cut a motherfucker
Got a bad yellow bitch but I could never trust her
But her pussy good, so I still love her

[Verse 3 - Dom McLennon]
The new guy to the group, but still a veteran
Not a shock artist, won't talk about who I'm better than, and
My identity's kind of an anomaly
But still committing sodomy on every track solidly
What you doing Dom? You know, some botany
Been in the green, you niggas smoking mahogany
And O.G's love to hate, I never expect apologies
I'll snatch their fucking kangols and knock em out of their wallabies
I guess that I'm an oddity
My third eye got in the way of my lobotomy
They say I rhyme methodically, I say I write mythologies
Not cockily, cause in my past life, I wrote The Odyssey
I guess I'm illiad-matic
And my breath control sucks, you'd think I'm really asthmatic
Y'all are really crack addicts if you look at ASF
And don't think we're the illest kids to ever take a fucking breath

[Verse 4 - MiC Kurb]
M-I-C-K-U-R-B from Pink Cocaine
The flow insane
Enough to rock your whole damn brain
Rep my gang
Slick enough to hide your plane
This ain't no game
My lyrics finna go "bang bang"
Causing damage so nobody can
Handle us, I dismantle ya
Reassemble ya, I'm the coldest
Like how December do
Allegedly was Mr. "I'm too hipster to care"
But beware, way y'all moving, it's no
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Time to prepare
Wearing wifebeats
That's just how my life be
Never been competitive
So swell it up to fight me
Maybe when I'm dead
Let's pretend that I might be
'Till then, telling all these
Rappers "Take a hike, please"
Way I see it, yo
I'm doper than the most of them
With that I say, it's bombs away
I go and make a toast to them
Coming with 100 percent of me
Nothing less of me
You best believe
I kill em with the A-B-C-D-E-F-G's

[Verse 5 - Deon]
Call me handy
With a Camry
I'm hard as a mother can be
You could mark us like a Camby
Or shoot us up like we Brandy
In Moesha
Cause we Randy
Aziz'n the Tia Landry
My head has been at the top so my legs
Could understand me
And I was only talking tables
Tables turning word to money
Money is the word to describe the feeling in your tummy
Tummy is sick from the money, which is flow
And the flow becomes money when the tables turns it slow, so
What you know about AliveSinceForever?
What you know about the team
And the lines that we've severed?
Never needed the punch
Always stuck to what was clever
Verse be going over heads
Ain't that a projector?
Nah, that's just me just showing you the border
Cause rappers be failing in testing
Can't stomach the disorder
ASF up it's the new world order
Fuck what you done heard, Deon's a destroyer

[Verse 6 - Kevin Abstract]
My game colder than The Hangover
H-Town done swang over
To another land
Birmingham, Gregory?
Heard of him?
We standing on some couches being loud and obnoxious
Police seem to hate us, but that's only when they watching
I locked in
My box is toxic watching, understanding
Creating my own planet, damn it
You cry when I vanish
ASF keep it going down
Fucking Titanic
I manage
Keep high standards
My chick is too bad, together we cause damage
Ain't none of us
Have shit, fuck it
I'm a motherfucking savage
Your chick is too ratchet
Our hoes be the baddest
Tight pants, lowkey
A nigga stay saggin'
Shop at PacSun
Give a fuck about fashion
My passion is rappin'
XVII is a classic
The bastard that's rapping
Is about to have it

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