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Sage Williams - I Go Crazy lyrics

[Verse 1: CJ The Genesis]
Yo, address
Me as the best
Flow so loco homos wanna th-th-throw
Me in a vest
Think you fucking with me? No, no, I'll throw a
Knee to your chest
You can't keep up with this Jones, and you're intense?
I ain't even impressed
I stay rapping, spitting dope
Stay trapping
My flow in a, straight jacket
I make havoc
Y'all lame asses, stay flapping your m-o-u
T-h backwards, fucking monster, straight savage
CJ snapppin', anything that I want, I made happen
I stay racing, y'all stay draggin', you stay gassin'
I make classics, I run this shit, y'all play Madden
No sense like the preacher burning Qu'Rans
It ain't happen
So stop faking, to a man who isn't at all convinced
Too big, y'all little kids small for this
Too legit for the shit, what the problem is?
So bring you and your crew, cause you fools gonna lose
Have you singing beautiful blues, I go
[Hook: Sample]
(I Go Crazy) [repeat]

[Verse 2: Sage]
Fuck living life, all it does is get my stress up
Hating ass niggas, that's what we need less of
Fuck a record deal, nigga, F-O-S up
(Fuck a record deal, nigga, F-O-S up
I got problems, lock me in the closet
Went to the bank and made a deposit, then I robbed it
All these niggas trying too hard to become artists
When I drop bars going so hard, make it look flawless
Real talk, my presence, the shit should be illegal
I'll turn your whole family into Evil Knievel
It's not upstairs, something's wrong with my cerebral
Told niggas I was crazy, said I "needed more people"
Locked a nigga up, cause they said I was a lethal
Weapon to the public of America, please dude
Chains, matches, straight jackets and guns
You call it crazy, I just say I'm having some fun, I go

[Verse 3: ZiLLY]
Now get your mind in the mood to feel the abnormal
Psychopathic interlude
My snippet of my feelings and how
I drop the bar
It's peak when you messin with me
Ha-ha ha, ha
We the greatest right here, no one better
Calm you voice, kid, it's a silent kill, fella
Ninja-like reflexes never spot the night fly
I go cranium, no -anium, add the z-y
They sick of me
What am I, I to ponder
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Prove these motherfuckers wrong, until I'm half a dozen under
This royalty is at, its tippy-top best
You ain't us, so go back playin with your toys nephew
You, you, you, yeah, I'm ying-yanging the game
Twisted good and evil, son I'm up in your brain
Pracice the sin while I sin and get the message sent
Dig through the roots of me and you'll see I begin to go
[Skit: ZiLLY]
Excuse me, uh, doctor?
Uhh....we missing somebody
Well, we got CJ The Genesis
We got Sage
We got ZiLLY
But uh...we missing a patient
I mean, this is really bad...this is all over the news
Who?! Who is it?!
I mean, it's unexplainable, man!
Son, you gotta tell me!
I'm really scared for the patients, and everyone around here
Just tell me!
Ya gotta be careful man, cause, this guy goes crazy, man
Who, WHO? Just tell me!
Doctor, I really don't know what to do
Uh, uh, TELL ME!
Broken windows
Just, racks, just broken
Tell me who it is!
Oh my goodness

[Verse 4: M-Trey]
What a portrait, It's merely a shadow
But I truly see the spare root of who defeated me in an instant
I see you don't listen
Curtail your words well
It's first come, first serve unless you silent
So you best to keep quiet
A migrant from a flier land
Give you feelings like light a fire to hydro-grams with
One sound from my diaphragm
My mother's sonogram revealed her son would be a legend
I knew the pressure accepted it so I need the record
And y'all ain't beating nothing
Skin is thin as pita bread and
3 be eminating the greatness, so much you see the essence
Thanking God I wasn't deprived of youth
That be why all they see is red for miles, but I say it's kinda blue
But, I see in a different hue in my world
Waiting for the day I meet me a suicide girl, then
Maybe we'll go together
Cold hand in hand with me
Damage speaks randomly, flailing
Companion to insanity

[Echo on "sanity"]

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