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S - Anti-Love Song lyrics

So that day when you all realize it was never worth it
The pain in your eyes would be enough to make me smile
To make me smile

So don't you say that I don't feel sorry for you anymore
You told me to rush in and that's always the worst mistake to make
So that's what you get for falling in love
And that's what you get for trusting her that much
'Cause don't you say that I don't feel sorry for you

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It seems all my friends have been falling for someone these days
And that kind of thing just really isn't my scene
And I don't regret ever sending you that Christmas card
And I don't regret never telling you goodbye

And I am such a liar
'Cause if I could have it my way
I'd tell you everything
And this whole thing is driving me insane
Never see you around
Just might have to leave this whole god damn town behind

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