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S - Away Around This lyrics

I go to the show
I guess I'll see you there
I hope that your down
I'm waiting for it
And we'll sing a song
Remembering when
It feels the same now
I'll never grow up

The x on your eyes
I'm smiling and nod now
I miss how it was
But I won't forget
I'm happy for you
Like I was when you told me
We'll just leave them there and
Never look back

And this could be
The way you wanted
But I don't think there's a way around this
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Whoever thought we'd both end up here
Remembering everyone who's loved us
We got it all, now you're back to see more
I'm really glad that I'm with you this time

And there was a time
I thought I would make it
I thought I would leave you
I thought you'd forget

And I can be the one you wanted
All of the time
Everything you dream of
I wish I knew where I fucked up with you
And you could know I would be here waiting
I think you know I'd do anything for you
No matter what, at this point, it's worth it
You never know who you'll end up with here
I'm really glad that it's your heart this time


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