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S - Double Cup (Remix) lyrics


What you talkin` bout money
Money bitch i blow it
Talkin` bout weed
Shawty come roll it
Talkin` bout ho`s
Yea they goin`
What about me bitch im rollin`
I got my double cup wit my top down (x4)

[ace hood]

Let talk about money
Bitch i gets me a whole lot
Stuntn` in this bitch like a globe trotter
Leave red on your shirt like a 49er
I sippin` slow wit my mind gon
That purple stuff in my styrofoam
Im to stoned no angie nigga
Bad bitch and her mouth deliver
Sweet niggas get choppa fillin`s
Im gettin` head wit my cellin` missin`
Im to trippy im to flithy im bout
Bread but dont do jiffy
That new Ferrari cost 250
I pull up park but dont play with me
You must be crazy they stay with me
Shooter smokn` like 420
I smoke go and i fuck better
Me and pussy niggas
Dont go together boy i got
Ballz like a prison cellar
Cop me a watch with a
Stupid bezzle
My weed loud and my neighbor
Tippin` imma made nigga but
I dont wash dishes
Fuck you if you still hatin`
Your bitch patient she still waitin` i

[yo gotti]
I am double cup wit my top down
Two [?] dem blocks down
War time no gunsz down and
Im sippin on dat h town
Im notorious all my niggas
Sella angel dust
All my niggas rock styrofoam
And they doublbed up and they have fun
Im on that remix
Im sellin` remix
Hey this dat G shit
See them white whips
Hey thats that me shit
Im bout my [?] shit
That parade that white parade
I drop the top on that new phantom
Dis city waved my gehtto ways
My gehtto ways they got me paid
Im double cup and triple stackin`
I got racks for days
And i can't lie back in the
G i use to trap for dayz
They ask me how i get this money
A 100 wayz i am

[kirko Bangz]
I hold my cup up
They double cup down
Know what the hell im drankin
I let my top down
They drop the coupe
Ull know what the hell im drankin`
Say shout out to them texas niggas
Let em know (let em know)
I do this shit for texas nigga (texas nigga)
Young gun of the city got
The rock now nigga z
Wanna see the shooting star
Get shot down
Please dont aporouch wit any [?]
Im bobby brown got over the
Hump like im [?]
I been it the stu like its [?]
Im back in this bitch and im bout to take charge
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They thought i was floppin i gotta find
I pull up in somethin` niggas can't fuck with
The bitch on the front lookin gold like a trumpet
The bitch in the passenger ass like a puppet
My pockets on kermit we look like the muppets
I dont need no soda
I dont need no crutches
To roll with the cup all i need is the tussen
Can't pay for these bitches not part of my
Bugget you savin` these bitches with
No control button
Uh my cup up my top down
Im well know in the h town (dat h town)
From the eastside to the southside to the north
To the southwest to the [?] road and the [?][?]
Summerpoint let um know


[Tiffany foxx]
Talkin to a boss bitch
I talk about keys
I talk about packs
I talk about weed
I talk about crack
I talk about ace
I talk about [?]
I talk about cheese
I dont talk to no rats
I learned from the best
Still go see a nigga while he in
The feds still run this rap shit
While im in a dress
These niggas wanna undress me
Then im in that catagorey with the rest
[?] on the brest
Fuck that when it come to this shit
If i miss we the best
He said t foxx kill this shit get the smith and wes
Blow out the chest cavities intestines
Wear it round my neck
Once she take her last breath
Have maggots eat the remains of her brains
Till it ain't nothin left and your name on the
Tech when i spit a hot 16 so much cake like
I robbed sweet 16 pussy so clean
And tight like a virgin
So i should been on original bitch!!!

[Jim jones]
Im on some [?] shit with a double cup
2 blunts in the air play double dutch
Her and a friend thats a double up
To 40s on the hip thats a double trouble
You dont want that dont trouble us
Niggas wanna blow till they bubble bust
Married to the game no cuddle up
Dont pillow talk if they cuff yo up
Drop top shit till the sun is up (and)
Watch on my wrist cost a 100 bucks (ew)
Thats for the jeweler got to flood it up
You wanna fuck wit us get your
Numbers up(go)
She jump in the ride she gon suck it
Up my niggas get money and they buss it up
You wanna get money then fuck wit us
But if you fuck wit us then you fuck wit us like whoa
Whoa whoa


[snootie wild]
If it ain't that loud i dont want it(i dont want it)
I can get it anytime anyday in my city
Im drunked out im joanin
Im up early in the morn
Double cupin hornry
Still count this money
Im bout to pull me a 4 O
Drop tickets in slow mo
Everywere i go - O
They be like that yayo
O i will get wit it
Ain't no pitty
Gangsta in my city
Long night in that kitchen
Tryna get it they gon
See vision aye yayo aye
All i know

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