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S-Ra - Table Freestyle lyrics

Table Freestyle
They gonna get it
Let's go

Take it back for a second round
Motherf**ers comin up
And they going down, like a pow-wow
In South East Palmdale, listen to the guy now
Motherf**in Cali like my intellect's sh**e now

Eat my sh**, steal my wits, yeah
If you want it you get my CD b**h
And I don't quit
If they want it they can s** (this)
And they sit
Idly on the parapet
First line in and they already gave up
Motherf**ers be on
Some kind of easy sh**, 1-1 and they can't even get a 1Up
And if you f** with me I'll f** you too then, b**h
Try to get it
But you just failed
And if you're looking out for me
You had better f**in' bail
Cuz I'm comin' in like Sherman and you give me 25 reasons to k** you
Welcome to hell, population: your family j**els
I'm the devil and we gonna be one big crew

Everybody, everybody
They want it
They want it
They want it
So, so bad

They talkin Hannibal Lecter
Cannibal in disguise
With some poison drippin mandibles
Like an animal who's despised
Staring so intensely they thought I hit 'em in the eyes
I'ma go off like a bomb, take these b**hes wit' me
Yeah girl you can call me drop-dead, welcome to Sin City

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Yeah, I ate a dictionary as a child, made me go wild
Throwin explosive verses like a nuclear silo
Makin' 10 mil an hour
Crazy wild child
Talked so much sh** it clogged the toilet
And charged me for twice an hour, oiled and boiled it
But I could only smile as they walked my way
Told em to f** it and hopped in a Chevrolet

Now give me a new style, throw me another
Word to your mother
f** all the motherf**ers going undercover
I'm underground, under sound
Taken to the dog pound and they put me down
For acting like a bada** rep with mags in hand
Come down on bunny rabbits like I gon' do to the mic stand
I'ma come around, after I'm done you won't be able to stand (me)

If they want it
If they want it
If they want it
So, so bad

Now this is the part where the beat breaks down
No one can move cuz they know this is my town
Shut up b**h, I make my own nouns now

Pullin in the capital
Tapping so many raps I might just be a f**in cla**ical
f** my verse is magical, hurtin' international
If you're looking for a challenge damn man, that's laughable
I spit fire, my dick is draggin, s**m is highly flammable
They pullin on the stick like the damn thing is manual

Throw me a vowel, dismembering your f**in guts, throwing in the bowel
You're duller than dirt and you're B.O.'s f**in foul
(Stop rapping man)
You sound like a f**in werewolf who forgot how to howl
If your ego is bruised, your brain is too now
And them girls don't like that little flappy bird shrew...ow
And they got it down on speed dial, better get it quick
You about to see what happens when you an unruly prick

And they got it (x5)
So, so bad
So bad
So bad, bad bad

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