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S-Nime - WDYL (Freestyle) lyrics

“Who Do You Love?” (Freestyle)
[Verse 1: S-Nime]
Alumni, batgang
Got your girl wearing gold chain
And these haters I just slain
Imma bring em max pain
You already know I'm the motherf**ing main
Walked in the building done k**ed the beat
Got your girl over here, hit her 3 times, 3-peat
Bad b**hes always wanna s** my dick
But it ain't nothing new
This sh** going up just like Iamsu
I'm like Fetty Wap cause I got the Jimmy Choo
And I ain't f**ing with you
Cause you a little ho
I don't know why I'd talk to you
Once, Twice, no never do that sh**
Never do it again
Hold myself back I ain't ever gon touch that
Just f** it, I'm in the club and I ain't never coming back
[Hook: YG]
b**h, who you love?
b**h, who you love?
b**h, who you love?
b**h, who you love?
[Verse 2: S-Nime]
Hey b**h, who do you love
I don't give a single f**
Thought I said it in my rap before
You a little whore
I ain't gonna touch ya, not even a little more
Pop that a** all on the floor
If ya got a nice a**, than I might not be able to pa**
Got and bring it back, bring it back
Let me see it one more time
Make it mine
Oh, as soon as I get home tonight
Imma get it right, we gon take a flight
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Ha, up off the kush
Got the new sh** in my pocket
I ain't even gonna ask, just pop it
Just stop it, just stop it
Don't even come on to me, don't feel me up
Cause I really don't give a f** about your feelings
And I might more even if you screaming
I might never stop, might not pull out
Ha, you know imma k** it like whaaat
[Hook: YG]
b**h, who you love?
b**h, who you love?
b**h, who you love?
b**h, who you love?
[Verse 3: S-Nime]
Cash Money, this sh** is funny
And you've been talking sh** for a while now
And you're girl's whiling out
And I already know she about to put out
For the whole team, you already know what I mean
I've been sipping on lean for a while now
Yeah, and I got em screaming wow
Pop it in the sky, like oh my, I'm high
Oh jeez, she pulling her panties down for me
Imma pop a 3
I'm about to OD on that OG
Pour another oz for a bad B
Oh, damn, hold me back
I'm going for a while like wham
Oh, put it in, then pull it out, out
Damn, but not gonna for a while
I've been doing this sh**
I've been k**ing beats, f**ing b**hes every day of the week
Haters wanna hold me back but I don't really care
I'm going in it don't matter where
Homie what you saying
Homie, I'm the illest, I'm the trillest
And I done k**ed this beat like I k** your b**h in my backseat
Pull it back out and let me ask a question: Who do love b**h?

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