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S Loud - Dirty World lyrics

100 paps yeh am at the lights
fits pullin up when I'm doin' this
to the no insurance on the beema
cause no insurance on the beema

its deadly sins that we livin'
now they say that we livin'

the day where I be livin'
is day where are we livin'


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Whippin' Whippin Whippin' Yolo
I'm in ham , I baking soda
I whip the babe out the stroll'o
Then let a Drizzy dive out thats cotroll'o
Breaking down a budgie , smell that order
be selling wings , that more a roll up
I got it for the low , I thought I told ya
fist took my young boy now i'm a loner
stay out my business am the owner
I dont really like your jokes, and you ain't homo
right now you in the jungle with some woods
my little boys crack, they be your boner

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