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S.A. Smash - Smash TV lyrics

[Intro Skit]
Jill, I love you
I love you too Steve
I want to be with you, and only you
But what do we do with Trevor?
I mean we live together, I've had his baby
It would be good if something bad happened to Trevor
(Oh My God) What?
Trevor! Steve. Trevor. Steve


Can't transform, Need more energy stuff ..Ahh
(Keep trying Toddimus Prime)
God I'm serious, I really can't transform
(Keep trying Toddimus Prime)
Shit, What are you doing standing there. I'm, I'm transforming
(Keep trying Toddimus Prime)


Hello kids, welcome to Jingly Wiggly's!
Bring your friends, bring your friends...


Hey, Hey kid, look at me when I'm talking to you
Hey look! Look at me
Hey, you want watch some real shit?
Sick of that stupid show there?
Do me a favor. See your Mom's purse over there?
Go get your Mom's credit card out here
Lets go buy us some fucking beer kid, Lets go

It's Smash TV
Turn up the volume its that easy

[Verse 1: Metro]
I wrote a rhyme
But don't remember the content
It was something like (Uh) Suck my dick!
Wait a minute, no it didn't, it was more like
Baby if you want to dance then its alright
All my niggas wanna lamp, its alright
Just keep the box cutter in your pants alright
Nigga you don't want problems, why you acting up
You've seen it happen through the bottom of the plastic cup
You pop shit
Cause you bored as hell
[Lyrics from: https:/]
The cops get onto the spot quick, he's going to jail
It's like three strikes and you're home for life
I live on the streets where they own your life
Shit, I be a rebel in the game
Trying to make moves, but the devils in the way
So I hit him with a motherfucking shovel in the face
Crack! And its like that, shovel in the face


[Verse 2: Camu Tao]

Give her some crack, give her some coke
Put her in the back of the room, give her some smoke
Call me a lad, anonymous (Static)
Drop it like its hot, rob her like a spot
Put the crack in the pot
Cook it up clean, look at the steam
Its coming out the top of the pot, grabbing on my crotch
(Hes here)
20 years young, I'm still young
But I'm gonna have sex till my dick gets numb
Oh, What the fuck, What the hell
Seat check bitch niggas get fucked in jail
Get the check (static) give me some sex (Static)
Don't act Restless, you'll end up a dead (Static) Dandy
So if you trying to do me
Come over here and lay down so I can put my fucking eye on your coochie
Hoes in the spot, hold up a spot, hold up a Glock, pop
Put a hole in the cop controlling the block


[Verse 3: Cage]

Turn on the TV
Smash the S.A. with an I-N-S-A-N-E
Heater smoking till its lungs empty
Your neck all cold, let me put that heat on it
While I shoot up the concrete where you had feet on it
Human ammo and is a transport of a martyrdom
Pistol smoked him, Knife carved the carbonum
Used to give a fuck, now its fuck what I'm giving
I envy the dead, super anarchy coupe or your sanity
Awake in my sleep, my days don't get darker
My hearts blacker than my North Face parka
Sniff the brains, stitch the pain, my heads tighter
And the horse on my Lo is dragging a dead rider
Feel me, put your guns up, If you ain't got one
Cop one for the wip, lace the crib with a pen and shotgun
And let the cops come after the storm hit
Peace of mind on a fork, New York stay dormant
(7:30 The New Left)

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