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S.A. Smash - Robot lyrics

Doing shows in our city, the natives can't even stand you
Never step foot in this town, they already banned you
Niggas wanna advance, but you won't get a chance to
Maybe let you roll but first show me those dance moves
Damn dude, don't get an attitude with me
I'll battle you but first you better pass the bowl to me
I'll hit it and quit it because your lack of potency
Forget it, this bitch isn't ever had a hold of keef
Keep your hands off
I'm cutting motherfuckers with a handsaw
Drunk, bootlegging moonshine with your grandpa
Punk, Pussy, we paved the way and
When its time to fuck I turn my jeans to breakaway pants
I don't care who you are, or what you wearing cat
My number one question is what the fuck you staring at
That's ho shit, really niggas don't know shit
Big dick in the club, what these girls gone get

You're a robot
(Come on, make it hot)
Wheres my people
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(Come on, turn it up)
You're a systematic format and your lethal
(Get up, move around)

[Camu Tao]
Who's in the house, you're losing your mouth
We triggered the heat in your personal space
And we gone shoot up your house
We got bitches in the pitch, shifting her gears
And FBI agents in the club, twitching her ears
Lets step, shaky shit in the club
Jerseyed out, Smash brothers are the meanest thugs
Peep me out, hook me up with the easy fuck
Lets be out, Made a mess, put my dick in her (what)
Help me out, (Alright) We can ball all night
And get stupid as fuck, and start up a bar fight
And as real as it gets, we still trying to smoke
Lets get ill in this bitch, and get this chick trying some coke
Niggas, its so dangerous
Make you wanna go to the club, play with guns
Punch the DJ cause everything he plays it sucks
Get drunk and start chasing some sluts


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