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S.A. Smash - Last Night lyrics

I wrote this with an ulterior motive in mind
Not so you can hear me flippin' going over the line
And been a dirty life style, seen the bullets and crime
When I'm really at your girls house most of the time
Ya she called me cocky, and almost caught me
But missed the bus, villains got dick for sluts
But in the room theres room for more 26 of us
Ho stick to this, I stick to what I know
Like [?]
You ain't rowdy, ride the couch seat, shut your mouth piece
Really what you know about beef
You boneless chicken, eating donuts with the holes still in em
Rehabilitation, turning hoes to women
Promiscuous, trying to play the pole position
That's my joystick, and you know it's sickening

[Camu Tao]
Everybody lined up at the bar
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After 12 shots of Cuervo I crashed my car
Don't you see me bleeding, cop put the gun away
Cause I put my injured ass back in the club
12 model mommys at the door looking for love
Too bloody for the bouncer now he's looking for gloves
I can be honest I know this noise scary
Put out a lot of bloody money ordered a Bloody Mary
And if it's too off the wall, and it's sticking to your mind
Get a knife, scrape it off ya brain
And if it's off the hook, and it lined out the door
And I'm here then it's off the chain
6 model mommy's starting stuff, shaking they stuff
Homo thugs outside fighting looking for slugs
Look they making up now they looking for love
Let me see them tits before I have to throw up
Cause its the shit cuz, almost fought to stay in strip club
Cause I came here expecting a dick rub
Drinks full of drip blood, needle stuck in my dick
Plus niggas in the back smacking they bitch up

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