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S.A. Smash - A.A. lyrics

[Camu Tao]

Hey, how you doing, it's Camy Lee
You're sitting there smoking, can't stand the heat
Here's a drink, cool off, come dance with me
I got a gun, who wanna take a chance with me (Oh Shit)
I'm sick, tearing your club up, put guns in ya hip
Tearing your mug up, nigga wait
Laugh at this nigga, he's spillin his drink
No action, Don't get close, Don't spill it on me
Let me make a move, rotate around the bar
Take another sip, that's how it usually starts (Hello?)
Give me your number, write it down, make it quick
Slip her a hundred, pull some tricks, slip her (Hellooo)
I'm trying to get out of here
Before niggas order up another round of beer
Before niggas hold you up and try and clown in here
Before niggas hold you up

Get drunk
Fuck up your mind nigga come on
Get up
Yo Fuck up the club nigga come on
Get dumb
You can't sit on the bar stool, you up in the wrong place
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So do what the song say my nigga



You can't stop me dawg, I'm too fucking hot
Pull up your socks, Mr. Fuckalot
I've been down since the sound of the busting Glock
Kill people for the paper like thugs and cops
You love to watch, I like to talk
Build a bridge and you turn into my life support
The crib, the car, the ice import
Had to cop them wally's, Life is short
It ain't even summer time but I buy the shorts
Detroit Tiger's hat, Nike Force
I like to shop, bitches see us rollin, like to jock
Niggas see us rollin, like to jock
I wrestle for the title like The Rock
Show me your wrist, no bling, where's the diamond rock
Just that ashy old gold ring, Timex watch
Do yourself a favor, save up them checks
Buy yourself a chain that ain't touched my neck
And when the trunk say Lex, the sluts say yes
Every other day barbershop, cut slick fresh


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