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S.A.S. - Every Other Day lyrics

[Hook: Mr. Lee Gee and S.A.S.]
If you want to be winner
The streets stay cold
Everybody turn sinner
So you can feel the heat
So a better you go simmer
‘Cause everybody ready fi dem lunch and dinner
Every other day we see the sign of the time
No mutherf**er you not gonna take mines
Every other day we see the fake a** lies
Run it all day, red eyes on the prize

[Verse 1: Masta Ace]
Welcome everybody to the rap crucifixion
Every other day it's like a brand new conviction
Another n***a down ‘cause he just didn't listen
We the same mission trying to get out of his position
Listen, it doesn't matter if you're m**m or Christian
Everybody need a little food in the kitchen
Hindus and Jews, they all feel the tension
And any other race or religion I didn't mention
You hit the streets try to earn a little cheddar
Hoping that the cheddar'll make your life a little better
Walking through the hood in the hundred dollar sweater
Looking at these cats that you're trying to stay ahead of
See, what you're facing is a wild situation
The hardest thing to do is try to be a little patient
Life is like a track and everybody racing
You about to get caught by the same sh** you chasin'


[Verse 2: Masta Ace]
I hope one day it might be a little clearer
You want to find the trouble take a look in the mirror
Mom's tried to tell you but you just didn't hear her
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Now every other day it's like the end's getting nearer
Up in the clubs like a feel like a feal in the terror
Every other rapper fighting for a hit like Carrera
So recognize we live in a new rap era
Money, cash, hoes – the Guantanamera
Ain't nothing changed!
Everyone still want the Benz and the Range
Everybody still want the gems and the chains
Everybody got a few friends in the game and they still act strange
The only thing different is the color of the Tims
The only thing different is the size of the rims
Now we got Foxy Browns and Little Kims
But they still fight, like Antoinette and Mc Lyte


[Bridge: Masta Ace]
If you're on the block
Turn up the music
If you're playing ball in the park
Turn up the music
If you're out on a bench
Turn up the music
If you sitting in your living room
Turn up the music
If you can't pay your rent
Turn up the music
If you're slingin' on the ave
Turn up the music
If you're trying to feed your family
Turn up the music
Every other day
Turn up the music



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