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10 Year Freestyle -
2 A.M -
3:15 (Breathe) -
50 Cent How To Rob
90s Babies -
99 -
ABRA Brain Dead
Act Now There's Really A Wolf
Adrenaline Color Blind
Ain't Goin' Back -
Ain't Nobody Takin' My Baby -
Aint Nobody Takin My -
All I Want -
All My Angels -
Alone -
Alright Just In Case
Always Knew -
Apollo 13 Apollo 13
Army -
ASHRAB WE NSAA | اشرب وانسي -
Back To Life -
Back To You There's Really A Wolf
Bank -
Bankrupt -
Basement * -
Battle Velvet
Be Somebody -
Begging You Zoo
Biggie How To Rob
Blue Hope Velvet
Boomerang -
Brand New -
Brooklyn Freestyle -
Brush Me -
Bugatti Stranger -
Bullsh** -
Burn Baby Burn -
C4 Straight From Limbo
Can’t Let Go -
Celebrity Brain Dead
Checked -
Cheers -
Cherry Hill There's Really A Wolf
Close Your Blinds Color Blind
Come N Go -
Comin Thru Silence
Confidence -
Connected Silence
Corleone Straight From Limbo
Dangerous -
Davidson -
Devil In Her Heart fre Pink Elephant
Didn't I Vacation
Difference in Thickness -
DiMaggio -
Do It Myself There's Really A Wolf
Do My Thing -
Don't Fall For It -
Don’t Lie There's Really A Wolf
Down For You -
Dr. Dre How To Rob
Dr. Seuss -
Drake How To Rob
Emergency There's Really A Wolf
Exposed -
f** That Zoo
Fallin' -
Fallin' Too -
Family & Friends There's Really A Wolf
Fate -
Fck Boys -
February -
First One -
Fix This Just In Case
Flip -
For The Stunt -
Forbes List -
From A Distance -
Gone -
Goodbye Pink Elephant
Gorilla Windmill The Edge
Got It Good -
Got This There's Really A Wolf
Havent Met yet -
Here I Am -
High Def Velvet
Hoe Love -
How To Rob How To Rob
I Can Tell -
I Can't Lie -
I Don't Know Vacation
I Don't Know How To Love You Color Blind
I Don't Know How To Stop Being Turnt Like This -
I Just Know -
I Think My Girl Caught A Body -
I Wanna Go Down With You There's Really A Wolf
I Want -
I'm Gonna Make You Love Me Brain Dead
I’m Here There's Really A Wolf
If I Died -
In My Mind Velvet
Inbetween -
Issues -
Italy -
Jay Z How To Rob
Juice & Sauce -
June 3rd -
Just Go Up Brain Dead
k** Them All Zoo
Kanye West How To Rob
Keep It Movin' -
Keep It Pushin' Zoo
Keep My Wits Zoo
Keep On Goin' -
Keep The Faith Silence
KiKi -
Lake Como -
Lapped -
Last Forever Zoo
Lean On You -
Less & Less -
Let Me In -
Let Me Know Vacation
Level 23 -
Lick -
Like That -
Lil Arrogant -
Liquor Weed & f**ing Often -
Lonely In Times Square -
Longevity Freestyle -
Look -
Losin Control There's Really A Wolf
Losin Control (Remix) -
Losin Control, Pt. 2 -
Lost -
Lucy Brain Dead
Manifest -
Maybe -
Me Silence
Me You There's Really A Wolf
Missin' You Crazy Zoo
Money -
Moonlight In Atlanta -
Murder Me Brain Dead
MVP There's Really A Wolf
My Window -
New Home The Edge
New To Me -
No Matter What -
No See Umz -
No Turning Back There's Really A Wolf
Nobody Knows Just In Case
Nobody's Safe Zoo
Nothin I Won’t Do -
Off The Strength -
On The Way -
One More Shot There's Really A Wolf
Opinião: Russ, a perfeita adaptação à nova era digital -
Our Time Zoo
Out Of Tune -
Outlaw Zoo
Overdue -
Own My Masters -
Paris -
Parkstone Drive Zoo
Paulo Coelho -
Piranha Freestyle -
Potential -
Power 106 Los Angeles Freestyle -
Private -
Problem Child fre Pink Elephant
Problems Brain Dead
Prosper -
Psycho Pink Elephant
Psycho (Pt. 2) -
Pull The Trigger -
R.E.M. Straight From Limbo
Real Player sh** -
Reflexo -
Relapse -
Reminder -
Ride Slow There's Really A Wolf
Scared There's Really A Wolf
Seduce -
September 16 -
Serenity -
Serious Zoo
sh** Like That -
Shootin Up -
Sideline Number -
Since I Was Broke -
Single Parent Anthem -
Some Time -
Someone To Drink With -
Sore Losers -
Space Apollo 13
Splash Out 3.0 -
Still Do It -
Straight From Limbo (feat. Bugus) Straight From Limbo
Straight From Saudi -
T-Pain How To Rob
T'd Up -
Take It All In -
Talk Up -
Tell Me Brain Dead
Tell Me Why -
That Feeling fre Pink Elephant
The Best Party -
The Ceremony 5280
The Flute Song Zoo
The Formula -
The Game -
The Journey -
The King -
The Mirror (Pt. 1) Brain Dead
The Otherside -
The Stakeout There's Really A Wolf
There Is No God But You Brain Dead
Think Twice -
Titanic -
To Be Honest -
Too Many -
Try It -
Tsunami -
Tupac How To Rob
Ugly -
Unavailable -
Understand That Too -
Used To You -
Utah Freestyle Chomp 2
V.V.V. 5280
Vamos Viver -
Vision Velvet
Voicemail Zoo
Wait For Me -
Wait Up -
Waiting For You -
Walk A Mile 5280
Walk Thru It fre Pink Elephant
Waste My Time -
Waves -
We Just Haven't Met Yet -
We Should All Burn Together fre Pink Elephant
What They Want There's Really A Wolf
When I’m With You -
When This Was All New -
Whenever -
Wife You Up -
Willy Wonka -
​winter in atlanta -
Yélasdiz -
Yellow Silence
Your Favorite Rapper -
Yung God -
Yung Pacino The Edge
Zero Vacation