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Roy Purdy - Cash Me Outside - rap remix lyrics

(Roy Purdy:)
Cash me outside, how about dah
If you wanna' throw hands, imma' throw em' right back
Roy Purdy on the track, b**h im back with the raps
Cash (?) i stack, got cheese like mac -
Yeah im workin' on my craft, always on my grind
Dont take naps, i don't got time -
You can cash me outside, cash me anywhere
Talkin' that sh** b**h, don't really care -
Yeah i gotta' keep it movin' in my own lane
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I don't care whatcha' doin'
Put me on a beat, and you know i go stupid
If i wanna' get it, imma' get right to it -
Everbody always talking, but they never really do it
Me I stay movin' ahead, girls in my DM's i leave em' a rack -
Cause' all im focused on, is stackin' this bread
(Dr. Phill:)
- "what does that mean?"
(Roy Purdy:)
b**h what i just said

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