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Ross David - Friday Night Dreamer lyrics

There came a knock on my door
Fear can't keep away
I've been standing up on my toes
Staring through the window pane
Now I'm a stranger to the world
But its only helped me dream
And Moma said baby get back you don't want it
But it feels like Friday night, and I don't want to miss a thing

I grew up a door down from either way
And I've been working late through the night
Towards something I don't want to be
She said, "Baby hurry make it, not sure if I can take it"
And lonely ain't the life for me
But it feels like Friday night...

This is what dreams are made of
I met mine a long time ago
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They all said please don't leave us
But it feels like Friday night- and I don't want to miss a thing

So, get up and run
While you still got the strength
Child you got a little bit of life
And a lot of good things coming
And if they say work ain't play;
That dreams are just forgotten
Stand up and walk away
This is your time, this is your Friday night

With both hands tied
Fingers crossed
Ain't gonna move my body
You decide to stay inside
But I won't
Because, I will die a Friday night dreamer
Come to life

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