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Ron B-Sweezy - No Grand lyrics

No murda, no grand
Mess with them homies
It's a hand

[Verse 1: The Fvtvre]
I ain't got no time for yo mess
Be ready cause i'm ready for yo mess
If a person play throw yo mess
That's a free throw for yo mess
She a pitcher and I'm a kicker
But pitchers only shop at Tommy Hilfigure
Test me and you get a bag full of jiggas
But Tommy I just wanna say your so much bigger
I don't get paid for doin' nothin'
Money say it has to be somethin'
I get no grand every night
But they just don't know how to do it right

[Hook: Presence]
No murda, no grand
Mess with them homies
It's a hand (8x)

[Verse 2: Past]
Yeah, no grand
I ain't got no money today
But I would in my ways
That's not funny, dang
I love money, dang
You gotta criticize, dang it
Ain't nobody be giving me money
Rich boys think i'm lonley
But usually bad girls are just phonies
Cause they be ridin' some dag on ponies
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I like Bad Chick cause she always do the right thang
She like me too cause i'm the kang
Shout to my favorite girl Bad Chickie
She so hot how do they get ready
Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and Drake
I like them cause they don't act fake
Scream out your name P-p-pastie
"Shut the heck up, i'm like a teen"
"It's okay, I got it like that"
Pull up to the house in my Cadillac
I ain't got no time to wait for a pack
They just have no grand to the max


[Verse 3: Bad Chick]
Yo, I don't come to the show and get no grand
I'll cut you off like the boss in second hand
That boy is my boyfriend, so back off he's an island
Travel to Europe then Japan
I be tryna step up to a boy but he just run
I like to mess with fake boys, I never mess with real boys
I'm on a hill boy, can't you see that it's a lil' bigger uh, uh ahoy
Them some dirty-doo-diggers, They like to take some pills
I only got it when it's time to pay, I like it when it's time to play
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yay)
It's so good that I want you to stay
We only could get no grand from your boss
We have to get some grand and go shoppin' at the mall
Just ball like your enjoyin' the song
Just call if somethin's wrong
Bad Chick has somethin' to say
"Bye, bye, bye atleast I had it my way


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