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Ron B-Sweezy - Light Is Bighter lyrics

[Verse 1]
The light is gettin' brighter as we run together
But if we close our eyes it will take forever to realize

[Pre Chorus: Presence]
When the light is shining
My heart is brightened
And every time I look back it's dim
But just don't close your eyes..

[Chorus (Presence)]
The light is bright and I can't see (I need to survive)
Leave me in the light and let me be (Tonight)
(2x) Its so bright that I can't see what's goin' on
But whatever I do it can be wrong

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[Verse 2: Clockwise]
Lighting up these lamps and I can't be nervous
Whatever I do it can't be worth it
So I light up these streets all day and night
I can't have no fright
So thats my part but whatever
Cause it wouldn't even matter ever, ever, ever, ever

Pre Chorus + Chorus

The light will shine forever
But if it doesn't shine it will be never
So we have to try to make this shine,for life (3x)

Light is brighter (5x)

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