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Ron B-Sweezy - Do Ya Love Me lyrics

We in the house
Here we go
Lets go
Play it back now

[Verse 1: Clockwise]
I'm all up in the house boucing on the bunk
They all love me that they think that i'm a hunk
I be tellin' all them fake boys that they a punk
Maybe i'm the Daft maybe i'm the punk
But I just need you know that your the funk
Do ya love me or do ya not
Cause all these homs think there hot
Cause I also love you very much and a lot
C'mon girl lets get a meal, it don't matter
This just like an episode of Family Matters
Don't reach for the rope just reach for the ladder
So know one thing, i'm so much badder
I don't need nobody to chatter
Cause thats all I hear
Chatter, chatter, chatter

Do ya love me enough to be my lucky girl tonight
Do ya love me cause if you do, I'll serve right
Do ya love me cause I wanna hold you in my arms
If ya love me girl, I'll keep you warm

[Verse 2: Presence]
Girl you know i'll do anything for ya no matter what
Never think negative always think positive
Cause here your at the party
I don't care if ya not in to me
But you gon' have a good time, you'll see
There's another part of me
The one that you don't wanna see
But now you wanna see what's under my go tee
But just know that i'm a beast
Just mac and relax
Stop the lacks
You know I have the greatest pack
Cause they back-to-back now
Fix your frown
There's no need to be down
Now i'm dressin' like a clown to cheer you up
Girl you could fill anybody's cup
Cause ya one of a kind
You see how I bust a ryme
But baby it's for you, all down in the blue
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But I know one thing, your so cute


[Verse 3: Bad Chick]
Ayo, boy what you doin' tonight
But what ever you do, ya butt better show me right
And look at dem' pretty boy's flyin' their kite
Mindin' their own business like they had a life
I be askin' my Past do he luv me
All snuggled up in his way, so comfy
I call em for a second, he said he comin'
But he never shows up so now I call him Mr.Dumb-man
Yo, do ya love me or do ya not
All my pretty boys think i'm hot
But sometimes they act like i'm not
Rich folks act like they da bomb
But it looks like they can't even swim in a pond
But I don't like fake boys, I only like real boys
But real buys are always stuck on that Tommy Hilfigure


[Verse 4: Past]
Electricity, Bill collector, I ask if she love me but I don't sweat her
She bought me a new sweater then I go and pet her
I got my appetite and her face look just like an apple pie
Then we have a fight so she sees flirts with another guy
When I first met her I said hi then bye
But she was first in line and them other girl was wastin' my time
But one of them look like Ultimus Prime
Ya gotta shine, ya gotta be
If ya not worthy then stick up to me
I dare you to climb that tree
Oh I forgot, your not worthy
Lukewarm, 2 on
Past got em a few on
My girl think this a cool song
But girl let me tell you somethin', your gone
(But I love ya anyway)

[Chorus 2x]

[Outro: Bad Chick]
We out the house
(Don't play it back now)
Boy Im serious
Bad Chick, boy

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