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Romain Virgo - Need you lyrics

Oooh... Ooooh... Ooh...
Need you... Right now... Oh yeah

Wind blows, and colds the night...
Don't leave me any lonely~
Come and rescue me
Am trembling, like leaves on a tree...
Like the sun I just want you to shine on me

Lean on me, come keep me warm
I'mma need your company
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I'll stay in your arms...
Lean on me, girlfriend
I'mma need your company
Stay till the end...

Till the end, baibe ~baibe-

[Verse 2:]
Your lovely scene, I can depend on you babes
And your carressing, brings happiness for days
That's why I need you now, coz only you understand
Only you can comfort this man

[Chorus: X2]

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