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Its just me and my n***a, n***a, oh Me and my n***a, n***a, yeah, yeah Its just me and my n***a, n***a, right about now We riding with the top down, heading towards the sunrise Taking on an open road He blowing kush in the air, got me feeling kinda wet Even though its only second and So now its Im looking through the rear view for the Cause we ride, we die, the mundane Bonnie and Clyde, ai Its been about a year ago, before I left the nest and kissed mama goodbye Where Im going I dont know all I know Ima let life be my guide Come through the city limits, its our life so you gotta let us live it, live it Whether we fall or fly, I never let him leave my sight Im in love with a gangsta, me face Im in love with a gangsta Know we got a side chick, no I dont like it Im in love with a gangsta My friends tell me no girl, you gotta let him go No matter what you say, he going away I keep him on my side, like Im in love with a gangsta Its just me and my n***a, n***a Me and my n***a, n***a Keeps me in the finer things, Louie, Gucci, diamond rings Cause hes used to making fast dough Friends say Im crazy, for calling him my baby But they dont know him like I do And it aint easy, to love a man like a But its worth, every minute, every second, every hour that it is in Im gonna believe, that he loves me hard Ill never leave, cause he got my heart All that I need, and all I want, want Thats why Im not scared to tell the world

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