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Roberto Fonseca - Mi Negra Ave María lyrics

She was a daffodil peddler
Dallying in petals as only a floraphile can.
And I saw her on the brink of the water
Where the waves lit the earth
Wet the sands.
There have been a thousand boats
That have crossed this water
And we have lived through a million storms
And with all the thunder that has crashed the buildings
Set fire to trees, and scorched this earth
We are still here
And are learning patience
Despite our foibles, and the human curse.
And yes maybe
Just maybe
We can return to the land of animals
Four footed walkers,
And we, two footed creatures
Can find a way to be as wise.
And these cities, they can grow flowers
And these machines, they can disappear
And yes indeed my good friends these are our choices
If we see the petal pusher in front of us dead.
And she's here
Walking on this shore
So pay attention
Take time to see
And all of you on the banks running through your things
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On your calls and your machines
Take heed
Its time to put on the brakes and understand
That this is our planet damn, we will make it
If we just receive.
So please, sweet one
Child with the white robes,
Let us ride your white robes
To a brand new right here.
And THIS here
Will be the one we build
Until Olympus is all around
And Atlantis can once again
Rise from the ocean
And the musical, beautiful sound will resound
And shake in every tree
So the tree reverberates with you and I
And I can feel you and I
Deep inside me, and vice versa.
Take my hand
And she will take yours and understand,
We will walk on the earth as if that earth was sky
And every cloud--
They will nod, they will know you.
They will know us
For what we were
What we are
And what we will be
In the future far.

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