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Riky Rick - Lil Ghetto lyrics

Feat : Khumz & Aewon Wolf

lil ghetto

eyeah ...yeah...yeah...
I want you to know
that I can be a lil ghetto
that's just where I'm from
now watch me bust up the friendzone
ah...ah...I want you to
know that I'm cool
abangani bakho
abagcwali ngentwana
baby girl ngizok'landa

eyeah... yeah... yeah...
ngiy'zfela ngawe
eyeah.... yeah... yeah...
banomona meng'nawe
ngiy'fela ngawe
banomona meng'nawe
eyeah .....yeah .....yeah.....
ngiy'fela ngawe
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banomona meng'nawe

*Aewon wolf*
let them talk x3
cause only real old G
do the walk
and they dont hate cause they ain't part of the scrad
and they can judge cause they only matter with God
the time they deal what hell God
the deal with the part angel on the side
they figure it out is just a matter of time
man get your girl..
******* with pride

*back to chorus*

ngicela ukuthi ungizwe honey
ngiyazi ukuthi ngihlezi ngispana
they told me
I don't care baby
your click all of my cases

*back to chorus*

(The end)

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